The Story Of Krystaliah

Imagine being ripped away from your parents because you're special and hidden away for years. Krystaliah was just a normal girl on the planet of Nervania until she was discovered. Fear caused the council to make a hard decision. She will be hidden on earth with the other Nervanian children until she is safe from the evil clutches of an ancient villan who, generations back, had sworn to kill all the specials. However, she needs a protector; but nobody wanted to risk dying. Will she be safe or will she be killed? Will she ever find her protector in time?


3. The School of Light

                                                         Three Years Later...

Extravagant lights filled the walkway to the School Of Light. Persephoni flew to the top of the giant Administration Office through the Angel entrance. The system asked for her name. "Angelina Persephoni, Rank Ultimate 1, Part Angel," The green button beeped twice and allowed her entrance.

"I don't care who she is. I will not allow any students to spend more than an hour socializing with the other schools at the rally!" An older woman's voice bellowed over the intercom as she spoke to the assistant principal. Persephoni went into the room where the woman was adjusting her large blonde braided bun. "What?! Can't you see I'm busy?" She peered over her over-sized glasses, "Oh, Miss Angelina, come in! I'm so sorry to have been so rude." 

"I would like to sign up Krystaliah for school please. I am her trainer." 

"Of course, sign here please," She gave Persephoni a pen and a sign-up sheet. After signing, Persephoni stared the woman down. "I would like one more thing." 

"Yes, yes, anything!" 

"Let me stay here with her. She is still so small!" 

"Oh, of course! That's what we require. Every student here has his or her trainer with them. You may have dorm number eight. It's a decent size and will suit you both well. I see you've got your things, but she and you will still require a school uniform. I will have them sent to your room." 

"Thank you," Persephoni exited with the keys the lady gave her. She was right, as expected, the room was decent enough. It had two beds and a huge window overlooking the vast green forest on which the school sits upon. 

She placed the sleeping Krystaliah that she had carefully folded in her wings on the bed and went to sleep herself. It was very tiring traveling close to the outskirts of the planet. 

A knock was heard at the door, and careful that Krystaliah was still asleep, she opened the door. "Two uniforms, one extra small and a medium," 

"Thank you," Persephoni said with a groggy voice; she was still waking up. 

"My pleasure. Now, you are coming to the rally, right?" 

"Where is it at?" 

"In the cafeteria. All of the schools usually socialize at this time. It started at three today and it ends at seven. Hope you can make it." 

"Maybe we'll go later." Persephoni closed the door, put the uniforms down, and fell asleep again. 

Finally, after three years of living in a shabbiest shack in town, she got a break. The School of Light is her break.


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