The Story Of Krystaliah

Imagine being ripped away from your parents because you're special and hidden away for years. Krystaliah was just a normal girl on the planet of Nervania until she was discovered. Fear caused the council to make a hard decision. She will be hidden on earth with the other Nervanian children until she is safe from the evil clutches of an ancient villan who, generations back, had sworn to kill all the specials. However, she needs a protector; but nobody wanted to risk dying. Will she be safe or will she be killed? Will she ever find her protector in time?


2. New Beginnings

Years after the incident, Margaret's diary was locked away in the library and no one was allowed to read it.

Persephoni and Margaret are teens now. Persephoni is secretly a special trainer and is only allowed to train the specials.

However, since Margaret, no one had ever seen or heard of a special.

The reason why the villain is after the specials is because they have powerful genes which results in many talents, powers, and they are ultra smart.

Both Persephoni and Sylvia, who is a Nervanian nurse, were allowed to assist mothers at the hospital.

On this particular day, Ariesta Starlight, a very renowned woman from Nervania, was giving birth.

She named her daughter Krystaliah. It was an unusual name, but nonetheless, Persephoni adored her.

When she came close to hold her, Persephoni noticed something different about her.

Instead of smelling the usual baby powder that the nurses put, she smelt the essence of power radiating off of her small hand.

This was never a good sign, and it meant that she would have to go through fire to keep this baby alive.

If anyone descovered that she is a special, the villain would try to get his hands on her.

Word on the streets say that he's always watching with his men, waiting to kidnap and kill all the specials he could find.

She personally didn't think that he was afraid of the specials, but there was another reason why he would do this.

She identified the villain as a man, but she wasn't so sure if it was a man or a woman. Persephoni was taken out of her train of thought by the baby's cries.

All of a sudden, the baby wrapped her small hand around Persephoni's long golden-blonde hair and tugged with force.

Even though it hurt, she smiled, and said "I'm going to have to protect you from now on."

After Ariesta finished talking to the doctor, Persephoni asked to speak with her.

She put the baby down on the pink cradle beside here mother's bed and sat down on the nearby rocking chair.

"I'm afraid I have some bad and good news. Which would you rather hear first?" Naturally, Ariesta chose bad first. "Well, your daughter is a special. I sensed her power when I held her. I suggest that you let me take care of her when she is six because that is the time she is bound to start showing her power. Then when she is old enough and is trained, she could attend school on Earth. Almost all Nervanians who are either kicked out or send for school there are well-educated. If you choose to ignore this, there is a high risk of her being killed here until the villain is found. I will take very good care of her and for now she could work with Atheenah and Aphrodite, two Greek respectable trainers at the school of light." She hoped that Ariesta would agree for the baby's safety, but she wasn't so sure because she saw the uneasy look on her face.

"This is so much to take in. "I-If I keep her, it would be selfish of me and if I let her go with you when she is six, we would have already gotten too attached to her. I think I should let her go with you now and she should be enrolled in the School of Light, and when she is old enough, you should give her our unicorn, Star, to take her to Earth. You know where to find him. He yaps all the time about a special who is born to save our beloved Nervania from a terrorist. I believe it is my daughter."

Ariesta now had tears running down her cheeks as Persephoni gave her daughter to her so she could say a final goodbye.

She sang a Nervanian song to her that she had learned when she was in choir and hesitantly handed her back to Persephoni. "Take good care of her." She cried.

"My lady, do you wish to hear the good news before I leave?" Ariesta nodded. "I was the one who read Margaret's diary before it was locked away and it said that even though she would die, another would be born of her kind."

Tears prickled at the ends of her round deep blue eyes as Persephoni also started to cry.

"Even though Margaret is gone, my daughter is the new beginning."

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