The Story Of Krystaliah

Imagine being ripped away from your parents because you're special and hidden away for years. Krystaliah was just a normal girl on the planet of Nervania until she was discovered. Fear caused the council to make a hard decision. She will be hidden on earth with the other Nervanian children until she is safe from the evil clutches of an ancient villan who, generations back, had sworn to kill all the specials. However, she needs a protector; but nobody wanted to risk dying. Will she be safe or will she be killed? Will she ever find her protector in time?


4. Best Friends

Krystaliah collapsed on her small cushion and looked up at the stars. 

"I wonder what will become of me in a year," she told her best friends, Ashley and Tommy. 

Tommy smiled, "I dream of a new star in the sky, one that will guide me the way I'm supposed to go." 

Ashley and Krystaliah laughed, "Oh, Tommy, you say such weird things, but that's the reason you're our best friend." 

The three continued gazing at the stars as Athena, a passionate teacher who assists Krystaliah with her small garden and Aphroditey, a proud woman who teaches the girls all about fashion, sat by the fire.

"Oh, Ashley! The colors are beautiful! Have you ever seen such brilliance in all your life?" 

Tommy opened his mouth, but closed it back again. He wished to tell her that she was also as brilliant and beautiful, but his pride as a boy kept him from doing so. Besides, she only thought of him as her best friend. 

"Yes, they are magnificent. Green, mixed with a soggy blue, and grey shades." Ashley said, mourning words reflecting in her voice. 

Krystaliah scooted over to her friend. "Please tell me why you sound so sad."

"Oh, how long have we been friends?" Ashley asked.

The girl poked her forehead in thought, "More years than I can remember, why?" 

"In the ceremony beginning in a few weeks, they will choose one of us to go to Earth for training." 

"Training? For what?" 

"Oh, I don't know. Maria, my trainer, told me that we have a week to prepare for the ways of the Earthlings if we are picked, but that's all I know." 

"Then, if you are picked, I'll be right by your side. Don't worry, Ash!" 

"Hey! Me too! If you're picked, I'll be right by your side as well, Panda Eyes," Tommy said, smiling at Krystaliah. 

"Ew, I hate it when you call me that!" 

"Too bad, get used to it." 

"I refuse to speak to you from now on, Tommy Peterson!" She said, grabbing Ashley and walking away. 

He smiled, knowing that she was not truly mad at him. "Whatever you say, Panda Eyes." 

"You two sound like an old married couple." 

"Me, with Tommy? Ugh!" 

"Me, with Tommy? Ugh!" He imitated, using a nasal high-pitched voice. 

"Shut up, you're so annoying sometimes!" 

"You obviously haven't met yourself, Panda Eyes." 

"If I had a big muscle, I wouldn't hesitate to use it to punch the likes out of you." 

"They say that Nervanians are perfect, but I see a pimple in your attitude, Panda Eyes." 

"Stop fighting." Ashley said, getting in-between them, "You're supposed to be best friends." 

"I apologize," Krystaliah said, bowing slightly, a Nervanian custom when one admits their faults. 

"No, fair Krystaliah, it is my doing." He said, bowing back. 

"You guys are so weird." Ashley walked away; Krystaliah stood up, took Tommy's hand, and went to join their other best friend to prepare for the Holiday of the Redrose, a celebration of the mild rain which comes a few times a year and makes beautiful gardens like Krystaliah's grow. 

"Do you think we'll always be best friends? Or will we part after a season of misunderstandings?"

"No matter what, we'll always be close. I believe it!" Ashley smiled, while the other two looked unsure. 

"Let's promise, that whatever happens, if we loose out memories for heavens sakes, we'll always be closer than a petal and a stem!" 

"Promise!" They shouted in unison. 


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