Girl in the ocean

a Mermaid Princess who lives on land who goes to lengths to make things right after her secret gets out. Will she be able to make things right in both worlds, was it a dream or will she not be able to make things right to find out read this book and I know that you'll like it.


3. The Oil spill


The next day I went to the beach to say hi to my friend Isabelle, to see if she was ok because there was an oil spill over night near where she lives. As I started to swim I was heading towards the oil and I knew I was but I still did any way and before I knew it I was caught in the oil I had backed away from it a wave came crashing down on me. I was knocked out for days when I had finally drifted ashore I was covered in oil barely able to breath and then Elle and Hannah walked by and they saw me, at first they didn’t recognized me until they were right beside me and boy were they angry at me for not telling them but they were more worried for my health as the called the hospital and marine people for help.

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