Girl in the ocean

a Mermaid Princess who lives on land who goes to lengths to make things right after her secret gets out. Will she be able to make things right in both worlds, was it a dream or will she not be able to make things right to find out read this book and I know that you'll like it.


1. Intro


Have you ever had to keep a secret? One, that if anyone found out, your life would be over! Well that’s my life, my name is Jezibelle Ashleigh and I am a mermaid. I am the princess of the ocean and just like the little mermaid I loved the shore and I also live there and I lead a pretty rough life especially keeping my secret from my friends but to make things worse if I touch even a drop of water I transform back to a mermaid and I tell ya it ain’t as easy as you may think. I’m going to tell you how my secret was found out and how I managed to escape and at the same time wipe everyone’s memory of my secret. It all starts at school in the library.









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