Baby Dont Cut

"Listen pretty lady you don't have to be alone"


10. Chapter 9

I woke up in a bed in the hotel room in New York with arms around my waist i turn around to see a sleeping Michael who looked so peaceful i quietly got up and went on to my phone and saw today were the billboard awards 


"Shut up Sky"

"No get your ass up"

"I dont wanna" 

"fine i was gonna let you go with me to get my dress for the billboards" he shot up out of bed and went into his suitcase and got clothes i went into mine and picked out my outfit a white and black high low dress black sparkly TOMS black rubber bangles pink lipstick black eye makeup and my aviator sunglasses and a white bow

i straightened my hair and put the bow in 

i i got done changing and walked out of the bathroom in the hotel room Michaels jaw dropped

"lets go and shut your mouth" he closed his mouth and we left the hotel room hand in hand we got to the store and i tried on about 500000 dresses before i found the perfect dress it was aqua and strapless it had sequins and went to mid-thigh we went and I paid and left and are surrounded by paps we have questions shouted at us left and right when we got home it was about 3:30 and i take a while to get ready so i ran into the bathroom and took a shower and when i got done i blow dried my hair and curled it (picture is in here somewhere and her hair is bleach blonde so if the picture isn't bleach blonde) 



i did my makeup which was silver and black eye makeup, mascara, eyeliner, nude lipstick i painted my nails aqua blue after they dried i i checked the time it was 5:30 and we had to be at the arena for the billboards at 7:45 for the red carpet and pre-show and it takes 45 minutes to get there i went and got into my aqua blue dress that went to mid thigh and put on my shoes whack were aqua blue and covered in rhinestones that hand an open toe with ankle straps for my jewelry and put on my 5SOS guitar pick necklace my aqua blue heart diamond encrusted ring, music note charm bracelet, my aqua blue rose earrings. For accessories i put an aqua blue bow in my hair a aqua blue and white leopard iPhone case my black nerd glasses and my aqua blue over the shoulder bag (AN she has hr lip ring in too but i forgot to put it in her outfit picture) 

 i walked out of the bathroom and went into the main room where all the boys were i cleared my throat and they all stood up and looked at me with wide eyes and open mouths Michael said

"Sky you look beautiful"

" thanks you guys look great too"  i went over to Ashton 

"You look absolutely amazing Sky"

"thanks big brother" right then i noticed all of them were wearing aqua blue ties (AN i know thats not what they wore but its FICTION for a reason) i giggled and we headed down to the lobby i was holding hands with Michael and when we got to the limo we just talked and screamed lyrics to songs when we arrived Calum and Luke got out first then Ashton then me and Michael we posed for pictures and did an interview

"So Michael how long have you been with Skylar"

"About more than 6 months"

"awesome so Skylar how did it feel when you started performing as the opening act"

"I was like wow this is the best feeling ever" after that we went inside to our seats we were in the second row the boys went backstage to get ready for their performance so i just sat in my seat texting when i got a text from my dad

To Skylar:

Go rot in hell you whore

To the devil himself

How about no because i would have to see your ass. i put my phone in my bag when the show started the boys sang she looks so perfect it was amazing when their performance was over i kinda zoned out thinking about everything that has happened i snapped out of my thoughts when i heard 5 seconds of summer i saw Michael stand up i stood up and hugged him and gave him a quick kiss and hugged the rest of the boy they made their way on stage to accept the award

"We would like to thank Syco and Modest and most of all we would like to thank the one and only Skylar Raine Irwin who saved our tour she is the best little sister best friend and for Michael girlfriend  anyone could ask for so thank you so much" after their speech i was almost in tears

~After Billboards~

we just got back to the hotel and we were leaving for London so i changed into my I prefer guitarists tank top, light wash high waisted shorts, black and white striped thigh high socks, white knee high converse i left my jewelry and phone case the same i left my hair the same and makeup the same


i grabbed my bags and went and put them in the range rover and sat in the back seat with the boys in silence Ashton finally spoke

"Nice shirt" he said with so much sarcasm

"thanks big brother" i rolled my eyes

"So you don't like drummers"

"I do i just prefer guitarists" i looked at Michael who was laughing

"Whats so funny"

"Ashton is jealous that your not wearing your i prefer drummers shirt but yet your his sister"

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