Baby Dont Cut

"Listen pretty lady you don't have to be alone"


3. Chapter 2

When i got to class i immediately brought out my phone and texted Ashton


Hey Big Brother text me when you can we need to talk

I almost instantly got a reply

To: Sky

Hey Little Sister whats going on do i need to come get you



Shyly is whats going on and i don't want to go here anymore and tell the boys i said HI


​GRRR i swear I'm going to murder her and Sky its just a couple more weeks and your done for the summer and then your starting online school and the boys said HI back

To: Ashy

can you come get me before lunch because thats when Shyly can get me when the whole year 11 can watch and laugh at me

To: Sky

Yeah Baby Sis ill see you then ok


thanks and ok

i turned my phone off and put it In my back pocket i look up to see that everyone else was in the room and were all looking at me i guess i didn't hear the bell the teacher Mr.Greenland asked

"Who were you texting Miss. Irwin" i signed back 

'my brother he was telling me when my next therapy session is' i lied

"ok Miss. Irwin back to work" i looked up at the board  and started copying everything down into my notebook

-Skipping to class before lunch-

Dance my favorite class we were doing our hip hop dance routine and we had partners i got my boyfriend  Christian he's a great dancer and we needed to wear matching clothes today because we are performing our dances to the class today and we are doing our dance to "Mad By: Ne-Yo" i went into the girls locker room and went to my locker and got my gym clothes and went into a stall and changed into a normal is boring tank top that is open in the back, black and white converse, ripped skinny jean, 5sos rubber bracelets,black rubber bangles   i went and took all of my makeup off and left my hair the way it was i left my bracelets on and kept my lip ring in i went out of the locker room and went and

i went and  sat by Christian who was wearing a black I woke up like this shirt skinny jeans and black and white converse our teacher called us up and we got in our starting positions and "Mad" By Ne-Yo started playing


(look up mad by ne-yo dance its a so you think you can dance video because putting it into the chapter doesnt let you play it i don't think but ill put in in if it doesnt play look it up)



 after we finished me and Christian hugged and after everyone went our teacher Ms.Birk told us the best dance and she said


"Christian and Skylars dance to Mad by ne yo was the best" after that the office called our teacher after she hung up she said 

"Skylar your brothers here to get you" i nodded and kissed Christians cheek and went out of the dance classroom and went to my locker and grabbed my bag and my car keys i went down to the office and saw all four boys there i threw my car keys to michael he and luke went outside to take my car home so  me Ashton and Calum went in Ashtons car and we all drove home in silence when we got home i went into my room and sat at my drum set and started playing the beat to try hard Michael came in and asked

"you wanna come with me to get my hair dyed?" i nodded and got up got my phone and wallet








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