Baby Dont Cut

"Listen pretty lady you don't have to be alone"


18. Chapter 17

"Its time to get up in the morning,in the morning.
Got McDonalds breakfast for you
Why any other brand
We drove 2 miles to get it
So you have to get up and eat it

You lazy bunch of children Niall and Zayn you crazy boys
Don't be selfish

So you got to get up, time to get up
You gotta get up, its time to get up
Its time to get up, its time to.get.up, its time to.get.up

Its time to get up (wake up)
It's time to get up!" Zayn just pulls the covers over his face and Niall screams

"ITS TIME TO GET UP!" i laugh and everyone but me leaves to go wake up Liam i go and sit by Zayns bed 

"they are gone you can get up" he gets up and says 

"Thanks Sky" he gives me a hug and i hug back 

"Come on lets go get that McDonalds we got" we walk to Liams room where the food was we walk in and Niall is fending Liam off with a spoon cross and Liam is crying  i run over to Liam and just hug him 

"Its ok Liam shh its ok" he just cried into my shirt 

"Niall go put the mother fucking spoons away NOW!" he did and came back with a plastic spork and poked me with it I screamed and started crying because sporks are my worst fear i curled up in a ball and liam just held me and Louis was like 

"Niall get the damn spork away from her"


"She's scared of them dumbass" he went and put his sp-sp-spork away and i sat up and wiped my tears i got up and gave Louis a hug and grabbed my food and went back to me and Louis' room i went in and started playing music from my iPod and disconnected by 5SOS started playing i turned up the volume and connected my iPod to my speaker i went into my bag and picked out some clothes and i ant into the bathroom and took a shower i got out dried off and p[ut on my clothes which was a black punk alice in wonderland tank top, ripped skinny jeans, black studded combat boots, i curled my hair and put my black whatever beanie on, a black… phone case, my lip ring, my black and red gauges, dark eye make up, red lipstick,

I went back downstairs and was disturbed because Harry was cooking........ While he was naked oh lord

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