Baby Dont Cut

"Listen pretty lady you don't have to be alone"


17. chapter 16

~Next Morning~

i woke up to Harry and Louis singing the wake up song i got up and grabbed clothes and went into the bathroom and i locked the door and i started the water i grabbed the razor out of my makeup bag i undressed and got in the shower and pressed the object to my wrist I'm so sorry mikey  i just thought of all the hate i got and what that girl said yesterday i washed the blood off my arm and washed my hair and shaved and got out out i dried off and got changed into a long sleeved blue superman shirt, ripped acid ash skinny jeans, black and blue knee high converse, superman nerd glasses, superman gauges (i got them gauged the night before i left after i was done packing), my promise ring, my superhero charm bracelet, i curled my red hair and put on my superman beanie 

i put on some chapstick and left the bathroom i saw Louis waiting

"we need you to help us wake the others" i nodded

"get your guitar" i grabbed my blue and black acoustic guitar

we went into Zayn and Nialls room i in between Niall and Zayns beds nd started playing the chords to the wake up song 

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