Baby Dont Cut

"Listen pretty lady you don't have to be alone"


16. chapter 15

I woke up to Niall shaking me 

"Come on we are here" 

"Carry me" he sighed and picked me up bridal style i grabbed my backpack and put it on my stomach and snuggled into Nialls chest i had butterflies in my stomach i can't like Niall right Im with Michael i brushed the thought off and once we were off the plane i heard screaming we went to baggage claim and Louis grabbed my stuff as he saw i was being carried  we went and got on to the bus that was gonna take us to the hotel i saw the only vacant bunk was the top one over Louis I chose that one I went over to Louis and whispered

"Lou guess what"


"Im in the bunk above you"

"Is superman and wonder woman partners in pranks a team again"

"Hell yeah we are Lou" we high fived and when we got to the hotel we had chosen our room arrangement 2 people per room because there were 2 beds in each i chose Louis so we could come up with pranks we took our stuff and went into our room i claimed my bed and i fell asleep right away damn jet lag i woke up and went over to my bag and picked out and outfit and decided to go prank the fans outside by dressing up as a fan but i needed Louis to do it with me 



"wanna help me meet the fans with out them knowing its us"

"Hell yeah"

"you need to look like a directioner" i went and changed in the bathroom while he changed in the room i changed into a Lol your not Harry Styles crop top that exposed my tattoos, black ripped skinny jeans, my hot pink Directioner varsity jacket (its december and I'm wearing a crop top and this covers my tattoos), my black high heels, a pink version of my snapback from earlier, my glasses from earlier, my lip ring, a harry styles initial necklace, paper airplane dangle earrings, one direction rubber bracelets, and a harry styles phone case  i walked out to see Louis wearing a Lol your not harry styles shirt, black skinny jeans, a paper airplane necklace, a red 1d snapback, 1D rubber bracelets, red directioner varsity jacket,  the same pair of sunglasses as me, all black converse, and  a harry styles phone case

"Nice outfit Lou and who do we want to prank first Harry or the fans"

"Harry" i nodded and we headed to Harry and Liams room i knocked and Harry answered the door me and Louis start scream

"OMG ITS HARRY STYLES AHHHHH" his face was priceless me and Lou started laughing

"Calm down Harry its just us you know Skylar and Louis"

"You guys are mean" we laughed and went down and out side through the back and when we got to the front there were only a few fans by a few I mean at least 50 we said we were at some other hotel a few miles from here some others must have found out we were here me and Lou separated and went to the fans  went over to one girl who was shivering

"Hi love whats your name"

"i-i a-am K-K-Katie"

"Nice to meet you Katie Im uh Raine"

"N-Nice t-to m-meet you t-t-too"

"Are you cold Love"

"Y-yeah but I'm not going anywhere until S-S-S-Skylar and O-One Direction come o-outside" i took off my jacket exposing my tattoos and gave it to her she put it on

"B-But Y-You will g-get cold"

"Its fine ill survive and you wanna know a secret"

"Y-yeah" i took of my sunglasses 

"Im Skylar" her jaw dropped and eyes widened

"C-can you f-follow me on twitter"

"yeah of course" i put my sunglasses back on and got out my phone

"My username is @SkylarIrwinIsBeautiful" i smiled and pressed the follow button she smiled and gave me my jacket back I put it back on and we took a picture and i signed her phone case i went over to a boy fan and went up to him and tapped his shoulder he turned around

"Hi love whats your name"

"My name is Andrew Carter"

"Well Andrew what are you doing outside this hotel"

"Im waiting until Skylar comes outside" i smiled

"You a Skyzer" my fans call themselves Skyzers i don't know where the hell they came up with it but i like it


"well you wanna know a secret" i take off my sunglasses

"I happen to be a big fan of you too" he had the biggest grin on his face 

"Can i get a picture and a follow on twitter" i nodded and got out my phone and put my sunglasses back on 

"My username is @Marry_Me_SkylarIrwin" he blushed we took a few pictures and i signed his phone i kissed his cheek in one of the pics and i moved on from him and went over to Louis we decided to go over to a fan together we went up to a groups of teenagers  who were all together talking

"why would they want Skylar as their opening act she can't sing she's ugly and fat like what the fuck" that stung i decided to go over to the girl who said it i took off my sunglasses and hat and tapped her she turned around her eyes widened

"what did i do to you"

"you didn't do anything I'm such a huge fan" she lied right to my face her friends were shocked as well and one said

"no your not your the opposite of a Skyzer your a Skater (Skater= Skylar Hater)" she looked at her friend and scowled i gave everyone else a picture and autograph and follows because they  were fans one of them even were wearing a shirt that said Skyzer forever and i went inside with louis we went up to our room and i laid on my bed and cried eventually i fell asleep

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