Baby Dont Cut

"Listen pretty lady you don't have to be alone"


15. Chapter 14

After our little party about tour Simon said i needed to write songs for my album while i was on tour and that I'm no longer a X-Factor contestant after that i drove home i walked in and shouted

"IM HOME LOVELIES" they all came downstairs and gave me a hug i needed to talk to them 

"Can we all talk" they nodded 

"well i got a record deal" they cheered

"but imgoingontourwithonedirectionforayearastheiropeningact" i spoke quickly

"Sky what was that"

"Im going on tour with one direction for a year as their opening act" 

"when does tour start" 

"a month from today" 


~1 month later~


today was the day i leave and the one direction boys were coming to get me at 2:30 AM for our flight at 4 AM i woke up and showered and went and decided to wear something warm since it is December and i changed into my one direction crop top that shows off my tattoos of a butterfly on my lower back and the birds on my collar bones my arrows on my arm my crossed fingers on my arm and the others  (she has tattoos like one directions you can find the picture of it in her outfit picture) black and white flannel pajama pants, my white and red one direction vans, my lip ring, my one direction rubber bracelets, i straightened my bright red  hair and put on my black and red one direction snapback, i put my red and black one direction sun glasses on so no one can see y dark circles under my eyes, my promise ring, my paper airplane necklace, and my cool kids don't dance phone case.

i grabbed my 2 suitcases and my backpack and dragged them downstairs where the 5SOS boys were waiting for me to say goodbye i dropped everything and ran and hugged Ashton and hugged him he immediately hugged back the other boys joined in and we were all sobbing Michael pulled me aside

"You won't be here for our 2 year anniversary"

"I will be here i promise because i wouldn't miss it for the world" we hugged and i kissed him we heard a horn honk i gave all the boys one more hug

"bye guys i love you Luke Michael Calum and Ashton" with that i carried all my stuff out to the range rover Paul was driving I put my stuff in the back and got in i was next to Niall in the last row  Paul started the car

"Well time fr a nice hour long drive to the airport" well at least i can sleep Niall commented on my outfit

"Nice Outfit love"

"imma directioner don't judge me" i leaned my head against the window and i felt my eyelids get heavy i fell asleep 

I woke up to feeling picked up bridal style and was carried i opened my eyes to see Niall i smiles nd snuggled into his chest when we got into the air port we went into a private room to wait for the plane i was still bing held by Niall 

"Flight 490 to London England now boarding" (we were in austrailia)

"Sky love get up its time to get on the plane" i got up and put my backpack on my shoulders and started walking with the boys to the plane we got on and we went to our seats i sat down feeling nervous i don't like planes they make me nervous Niall was sitting next to me when we took off i gripped his arm like my life depended on it

"Are you ok Sky"

"I don't like planes" he nodded nd i leaned my head on the window and fell asleep

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