Baby Dont Cut

"Listen pretty lady you don't have to be alone"


14. chapter 13

I woke up and thought about last night i am getting a record deal i looked at the time 8:30 i need to start getting ready especially if i wanna dye my hair before i leave i go into my bathroom and grab the box of red hair dye and mix it up and i put on the gloves and massage the dye into my hair

~30 minutes later~ i just washed the dye out and blow dried my hair and damn did it look sexy i went into my closet and changed into a black tank top that had the punk version of the little mermaid on it, black ripped skinny jeans, cherry red high heels, cherry red leather jacket i left it open, for my makeup i put on bright red lipstick, clear lipgloss so its shiny, mascara and eyeliner, red nail polish, for accessories i put in my 1D logo earrings (Imma huge directioner), my silver graffiti letter necklace that says "boss", my lip ring, after i curled my hair i put on a black bandana (I guess bandanas run in the Irwin family) 

i went downstairs and saw it was 10 o'clock Michael looked up from his game of COD he stood up and was gob smacked his eyes were wide

"Ok one you look sexy as fuck and two what on earth"

"Mikey looks like Cliffordconda came for a visit" he look down and ran upstairs i laughed Ashton came into where i was and spit out the orange juice he was drinking i laughed

"Ash i gave Mikey a boner" he laughed i gave him a hug and grabbed my car keys i went and got into my black ferrrari and drove to Syco when i got there i got out i went inside 

"Hey its Skylar Irwin" She looked up and typed something into her computer

"ok he all see you in his office" i nodded and walked down the halls to get to his office i heard wolf whistles from behind me i looked and there were the 1D boys I ran and jumped on Louis 

"Hey boys and Lou wanna carry me to Simons office" he nodded

"We are here to see simon too we are meeting our opening act" i nodded

"What time is your appointment with him lou"

"10:30 why" my eyes widened

"Mine is at 10:30" we arrived at Simons door Niall knocked we heard Simon say come in we walked in and Louis sat me down in a chair and went back into the hall where Simon told them to wait

"So Skylar heres your contract sign here" i signed where he told me too 

"Welcome to Syco"

"So Skylar i was wondering how would you like to be an opening act for One Direction"

"I would love to do it how long is tour"

"about a year" i nodded

"Ill do it" he called the boys in

"Boys meet your opening act Skylar" the boys cheered 


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