Baby Dont Cut

"Listen pretty lady you don't have to be alone"


11. Chapter 10

~Skipping to Michael and Skylars best friend anniversary (aka Halloween)~

Michaels POV (plot twist)

today me and Skylar have been bestffriends for 15 years and i had the perfect date planned out i have to leave early so i can go get ready and get everything ready i left Sky a note

Dear Skylar, 

ill be back later there is a costume in your closet that you need to wear tonight. Wear everything in the box with the costume pick you up at 7:45

P.S. there is a paper in here that is a picture of how your makeup needs to look

Michael xx

and i left after i put it on her side table

Skylars POV

i woke up and saw a note on my bed side table i read it and decided until then i would give kids candy and watch movies i put my pink scene hair into a messy bun and i went into my closet and looked in the box i saw a lot of pink and purple i closed the box and changed into some sweats and a t-shirt i went downstairs and watched some movies

~2 movies later~ 

i saw it was 3:30 i decided to go get ready i took a shower and blow dried my bright pink scene hair i curled it i went into my closet and brought the box out i opened it and brought out the pink long sleeved leotard i put it on, next i put on the pink and purple shorts, white and pink striped thigh high socks, pink knee high converse, neon purple nerd glasses, pink and purple clip on tail, pink and purple cat ear head band, for my makeup i looked at the picture and did the pink and purple striped eye makeup, i did bright pink lipstick, and i glued on the fake nails that were given (Outfit is a picture somewhere in chapter along with her hair) 




i looked at the time 7:25 i heard the doorbell i went and answered the door it was a bunch of kids i got the candy bowl and asked

"What are you guys" the 5 kids looked up at me and started a little girl dressed as the cheshire cat started

"Im what you are the Cheshire cat" then it clicked i was the cheshire cat i laughed and a little boy went next dressed as optimus prime 

"Im optimus prime" a little boy dressed as buzz light year said

"Im buzz" 

"Awesome costumes guys" i gave them each a hand full of candy and they left i went and sat on the couch an watched an episode of spongebob i heard the boys (excluding Michael) walk in i checked the time 7:40

"Hey guys" they looked at me

"damn girl where you going" Calum said

"I have no idea and whats so special about today that me and Michael need to go out tonight"

"You forgot what today is Skylar" Ashton asked

"How long have you and Michael been friends"


"Im a horrible bestfriend and girlfriend how could i forget" i heard Michael walk in dressed up as the mad hatter he smiled when he saw me

"you look great Sky are you ready to go" i smiled  and nodded and we left hand in hand

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