My direction

Ryan Carter was my life. So what happen when I left him?

Well I was lost, of course.

Then I found myself.

Well pieces of me. The truth is he had a huge part of me.

And always would.

So when all of sudden he walks into my life, once again.

I don't know what to do.

Should I give him another chance? Or should I just leave him alone?

Ps you should read Two directions.
Then Ryan's directions before this.

Book 3


3. Slow

We left.

Not before I was told by Allison to again, Take it slow.

I rolled my eyes.

I shouldn't have told her.

Ryan drove me there.

I walked him inside.

His face twisted in distaste. Then he turned to me.

"You live with me now."

Before I could ask he pressed his lips to mine.

It was just like I remembered.

Only better.

Ryan slid his tongue into my mouth. His taste filled my mouth.

I moaned.

He pulled back for air.

"We should take things slow, Ryan." I told him.

Suddenly a growl ripped from his chest. I was pulled closer to him.

"Fuck that! We have gone slow. I haven't caressed your body yet."

I opened my mouth to speak.

"Now I'm going to. Right here. Right now."

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