My direction

Ryan Carter was my life. So what happen when I left him?

Well I was lost, of course.

Then I found myself.

Well pieces of me. The truth is he had a huge part of me.

And always would.

So when all of sudden he walks into my life, once again.

I don't know what to do.

Should I give him another chance? Or should I just leave him alone?

Ps you should read Two directions.
Then Ryan's directions before this.

Book 3


1. Found

Ryan was trailing his finger up and down my hip. He smiled at me.

Of course I smiled back.

His icy blue eyes melted once again.

We leaned in-Ring! Ring!

I woke up from my heated dream.

My roommate Allison walked in. "Another one! Gosh this guy can't be that hot."

She was talking about my constant stream of heated dreams involving Ryan.


I fell in love too fast. Too quick.

Allison and me got ready for work.

Waitressing. Not my ideal pick but it's what I have to do.

I caught rides with Allison because I did not have a car.

The drive there was filled with talk about Allison.

And the radio. I was just saying.

It's my message to her. Don't talk so much.

We arrived at work early. I set up while she talked with her newest boyfriend.

Allison was one of those heartbreakers. She used guys like leftovers.

Sorry I been waitressing too long. I had been here for two years.

I was wiping down a table when I felt it. His presence.

We found out that we were in sync with one another. So I could always tell when he was near.

Ryan Carter walked in, and my world stopped.

He was still the Greek god I had left behind. My heart beat faster around him.

Allison came out and almost slipped. His eyes hardened at her annoying fall.

She started to walk towards me. His eyes followed.

I shook my head no at her. But she still followed.

She finally reached where I was standing.

Then Ryan's eyes landed on me. We locked eyes.

All hardness was gone.

Instead his icy blue eyes softened.

Without realizing what I was doing I walk towards him.

Eventually I was in front of him, stroking his beautiful face. He leaned into my touch.

Then pulled me close. I breathe in his cinnamon smell.

For a moment we were back there.

In that house.

I couldn't pull away. Even if I wanted to.

Suddenly my body was being tugged away. We both growled as Allison dragged me in the back.

"Explain!" She demanded.




I was shocked. My ocean eyes was here.

I couldn't believe it.

I'd changed a lot since she left. I hadn't spoken to Dylan.

I even own a gym now, training people. I make a lot of money because I have a good gym.

Now I just needed to win Emily back. Then I'll be complete.

And I plan to do everything I can to win my ocean eyes back.

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