My hero

What happens when Maddie's parents kick get out who will help what will happen ?


1. chapter 1

" Hi I'm Maddison but everyone calls me Maddie and I'm 17. My parents just recently kicked me out so I've had to stay at a hotel. Tomorrow I get on a plane to California."

************* the next morning**************

I wake up to my alarm I get up and head strait for the shower. Once I'm done I get out and put I my white short shorts with a crop top

That says YOLO on it and apply a little make up, and head for the airport, the flight took about three hours so i put my headphones in until someone tapped me I look over to see a a guy then I realize who it is.......

A\N: so tell me if I should keep going and I know it's short but I need to know what you think before I go on Kay love u bye 😍😘❤️😋👌

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