Yellow cause of swearing...


1. The unpopular side of me

This day was so frustrating. My one and only best friend turned me down, now I'm alone because me, or what they call me: She. Unpopular is unpopular.

So she turned me down she went to her other friends and told them that she did it. That she was not my friend anymore. I thought she was a real friend! But she was all friendly and stuffs to me just because of a dare. I was really hurt. All she can do right now is laugh at me.

Now I'll introduce you myself. I'm named Alessandra Young, I'm 13 years old. A nerdy gothic type of girl from now on...


At school before going home

Ohhh!! Look what we've got here!! Pops said. It's the nerd and bitch girl!! Awwww! Your bestie is not there to be with you anymore!!! Poor little dirty bitch!! I didn't listened from anything they said. I just walked down the streets to go home.

At home

It's enough!!! I can't do this anymore!!! I want to change!! With that I looked at the mirror and saw an horrible looking face and that's when I've changed.

~End of Flashback~

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