The Poetic Lost Soul

Just my poetry I post on my Instagram account. And other peoms I have made.


3. "Leave me alone!"

They have me in a cage! "Please let me go!"
They starred with rage. "We're not friends, but a foe."
They hissed at me. Ear piercing screams.
And but only one I see. My light that beams. 
They stole my heart. Took over my mind.
They've torn me apart. It's me you'll never find.
When my body speaks. Please know it's not me.
And when my heart rate peeks. It's the darkness I see.

For these monsters inside have dragged me away.
They have kept me shut up for so long that I cannot say.
But there are still those times when I manage to break free.
"Leave me alone!" I shout, but they always catch me. 
And sooner or later they will take full control.
I'll be forever gone, still they choke my soul. 

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