The Real Me.....

Scarlet Willow finds out that she is a Demi-God. But finds out that she's not the god she expected....


1. The Beggining

I wake up hitting my head on the window of the bus. I fell asleep, now waking up.

"Ow....." I groan. I look to my left seeing my boyfriend, Josh Malu. He had curly hair, violet eyes and some electrical blue dye in his hair.

"Aww... Did my little baby get hurt? Does she need a kiss?" He asked leaning in. I put my cheek so his lips didn't touch my lips. I giggled and smirked.

"I'm fine. But where are we going again?" I asked. He opened his mouth, but he could make a sound, our chaperone got up and stared at everybody.

"Okay!! I hope everybody studied for today. I'm giving you a test on this!!" He said. Everybody groaned.

"Now... Since everybody has a partner you shouldn't get lost. And Scartlet, you better not be planning anything this time!!" He said that looking at me. Yes, my name is Scartlet. Scartlet Willow. I go to "Wake Up Boarding School" it's in Houston TX. My dad was too busy to have any time with me, and he couldn't keep moving me to schools. I had stolen too many things.

"Yes, but where are we going exactly?" I ask the chaperone out loud.

"To a museum of history. Please don't break anything!" He yells at everybody.

"Well there you go. Can I get a kiss now?" Josh faces me smirking. I smiles and kisses him fast and faced away. He puts his arm around me. I lean into his shoulder falling asleep.....

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