The Real Me.....

Scarlet Willow finds out that she is a Demi-God. But finds out that she's not the god she expected....


10. Hell Above

I turn around and see Josh dressed with the Camp Half-Blood shirt and some jeans. He had a sword in his hand. I bronze sword I think... 

"Was that Ezra, you were talking to?" He asked, not in the jealous type of tone, he was teasing me.

"If that's what his name, then yes. He ran over me." I said walking toward him smiling. 

"He ran over you? Why couldn't  it me doing that to you?" He asked looking up at the sky, like begging God, or Zeus I mean. Ooopsie 

"Very funny! Now I think I should run you over with that sword" I said pointing the at the one on his hands. 

"Really? Well let's see you try then, Sweet Cakes" He said throwing me his sword.

I caught it but not well enough. It was really heavy, but I still caught it.

"You okay there? Need some help?" He said mocking me, which was really annoying. 

"Come at me then." I said frustrated. He got a dagger out of his belt thing that he had.

"Let's go then." He said but still playing around with me, and I was tired of it. 

I ran at him, raised the sword but he pushed me to the side and slashing making a cut in my arm.

"Poor baby got a cut!" He said teasing me. I was honestly tired of is "I'm still can't handle anything" bull-shit

"That's it!" I yelled and picked up the sword with all my might and started attacking. He kept moving around, until I kicked him down pointing the sword to his neck. 

"What the hell? Are you trying to kill me?" He asked serious. I could see he was scared.

"Why are you scared?" I asked but still pointing at the sword.

"I'm not! It's just that there is a sword to my neck!!" I yelled at me trying to get up but I pushed him back down.

"There's something wrong." I said softly. He has been acting a little, off when we came back. I didn't know what.

"NO! It's just my girlfriend is know as Death Girl!!! So I still have to be around you!!" He yelled

His words were like bullets. How can he say that? I got up from him and just put the sword down and walked away without another word. All I knew that I hated him. 

I walked to my cabin only to crash into Ezra. 

"We have to stop doing that." He said with that sexy smile. 

"Umm... Yeah. Look, I'll talk to you later I'm not really in the mood." I said seriously

"Alright, well just give me a call when you need somebody there." He said walking away looking back winking.

I rushed into my cabin laying in my bed looking up. Falling into a deep sleep

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