The Real Me.....

Scarlet Willow finds out that she is a Demi-God. But finds out that she's not the god she expected....


2. Greek Mythology Just Got Real

I woke up feeling lips on mine. I open my eyes seeing Josh kissing me. I pull away and pout.

"I'm the one that has to kiss you first. Next time just wake me up like a normal person." I say punching him playfully.

"I'm sorry... But we're here." He said giving me his hand. I follow, going off the bus. When I get off I see my #1 enemy. Marley Mayo. Yeah, Mayo... She has black hair, blue eyes and her face is sour. She is so rude to me.

"What's up, hell girl?" She says walking to me. I see her boyfriend next to her. His name is Thomas Greyson. He has black hair, green eyes. He looked older than he is. He looks likes his in his 20. He walked funny, but he always stayed quite.

"If we weren't in a field trip right now, I would burn you up, making you rot in hell." I say to her. She rolls her eyes.

"Whatever. Just wanted to make sure you aren't a alien. Since that face I all messed up." He says. I walk toward her now racing my hand, but Josh pulls me back.

"Dot worry about her. She isn't worth your time." He says leading me into the museum. We walk in looking around.

"It's so amazing...." I whisper to myself.

"Yup.." I hear Josh whisper back.

***5 minutes going into a tour we finally reach the greek mythology***

"Okay students, listen up!!" I hear the chaperone yell.

We reach the greek mythology section. I loved it.

"Okay... So Kronos, King of the Titans, was scared that the gods would over throw him. So he ate all his godly children." The chaperone said. I heard some "Gross!" Or "Eww..." In the background but that didn't bother me. I just kept listening to the story, that I have heard a million of times.

"But the mother of the gods, didn't give Zeus up. She gave Kronos a rock. Kronos ate the rock thinking it was Zeus. When Zeus grew up he made Kronos throw up the gods. There was a war with the Titans and Gods. The Gods won." He said. He missed some details, but I guess he was in a rush.

"Some Gods go to the mortal world and have, how should I say this....?" He said not knowing why to say.

"HOOK UP!" Somebody yelled from the back. Everybody laughed

"Okay... Yes, hook up, with mortals. They have children, half mortal, half god. There called Demi-God. They become heroes. Trained. " he said looking at me. I was a little but confused why he was looking at me. But I ignored it.

"Okay, y'all have 30 minutes to look around. Don't be late at the bus!" He yelled out walking out.

"Isn't that cool?" I asked Josh.

"Yeah..." He said. He also mumbled something. I didn't hear much but it sounded like "If only you knew..." I tried to ignore that.

We hear screaming and kids out age running out. 14 by the way.

"It's coming!!" I hear somebody yell. I look around and see a minataour. Yes, I real, life size minataour.

"Run!" I yell trying to pull Josh. But he tugs me back and holds me.

"We have to fight it... You and me... Together.." He says. I just stare at him like he's crazy.

"It's a minataour! We are teens! We are not heroes!" I yell at him. He still stays there all calm.

"Scartlet... Me and you are powerful together. Show me that you love me. Fight it with me." He says. Something about his voice, it makes me want to do it.

I run to the weapon area, breaking the glass. I get a dagger. Josh gets a sword.

"Let's do it.." I whisper to myself. I run toward the minataour. The minataour tries to grab me but I move to the other side slashing his arm. I look over to Josh, but he isn't there. I look up and see him climbing the minataour. I groan and stab the minataour in the foot making it yell. The minataours arms try to get me but once I again I move slashing at him. I look up again seeing Josh stab the minataour in the heart. I hear the minataour yell and see it fall. Once it touches the ground it turns into ashes.

"Come on!!!" Josh is here now. He takes my arm and drags me outside of the Museum. I see a chariot, a real life chariot. I get picked up and put in. I see Thomas in the front with another girl. It wasn't Marley, but a girl with blond hair.

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