Justin Bieber found me on the side of the road. He saved me. And I'll think about that day. Forever.


12. Worries

"I want to see him" I said stubbornly while stomping my foot. "Please Ariana. Just trust me" Justin said once again avoiding the question. He pouted out his bottom lip causing me to laugh. "I pushed him gently. "Stop i'm suppose to be mad at you"

He smiled and leaned on thee couch putting his legs on my lap. "Justin!" I groaned trying to get his legs off. "These things weigh like a hundred pounds!"

He laughed causing me to roll my eyes. "You two are the cutest couple" Someone said from behind us. Justin and I turned to see a young girl smiling. She looked about twelve or thirteen. Justin grabbed her by the waist causing her to fall on the couch. He tickled her and she laughed whole heartedly.

I smiled still trying to figure out who she was. She got up eventually and ran upstairs. "That was Willow Jaden's sister" Justin said smiling. I nodded my head. "She's going on tour with us" He said looking down.

"Tour?" I asked surprised.

"Yeah. My Believe tour starts in a month" He said nodding. Before I could respond there was a knock on the door. Justin looked at me confused. He got up to answer the door but Scooter came bolting down the stairs.

"I can't believe you came!" Scooter said surprised while answering the door. Justin helped me of the couch and we made our way to the front door. "Ariana these are the 'Janoskians'" Scooter said presenting me to a group of five boys.

I shyly looking at all of them "Nice to meet you" They all said at once. I blushed and waved. "Justin take them up to my office so we can discuss business I'll be there in a minute" Scooter said while closing the door.

They all began to walk upstairs. "Jai can you keep Ariana company" Scooter asked politely. 'Jai' nodded before making his way back down. Scooter walked in a different direction leaving the two of us alone. 

"You want to um see my room?" I asked not quite sure what to say. He nodded and followed me towards my room. I half expected Anthony to be there but he of course wasn't. I sat on the bed and Jai sat beside me.

"So what is your 'Business' with Scooter?"  I asked curiously.

He shrugged hi shoulders before replying, "Well he wanted to talk to us about Justin being the opening act for us sometime."

"What do you do?" I asked once again curiously.

"We um do extreme dares and crazy stuff. Were actually pretty popular. Have you ever watched a video?" He replied excitedly.

"One or Two" I admitted shyly.


After endless hours of talking and laughing with Jai Scooter poked his head through the door. "You'll have to stay for the night. The storm has gotten worse. The rest of the boys their sleeping down stairs but there's no more room for you. Were still looking-"

"He could sleep in here!" I said all a little too quickly. I blushed instantly "I mean if he wanted too and if that was ok with you. I mean that could be the last choice-" My rambling was cut off by Jai's laughing.

It's weird because when he laughed I felt like laughing too. "That could be arranged if you don't mind Jai" Scooter asked looking slightly confused. Jai nodded , "Sure No problem".

Scooter closed the door leaving a awkward silence in the room. "So you don't think I'm some physco killer that could murder you in your sleep?" Jai teased lightly. I laughed and blushed. "I don't now I think i can trust you after hours of talking."

I punched him lightly, before sitting back on the bed. I looked at my phone to see i was already 11o'clock. I then realized I was pretty tired. I motioned to Jai that I would be right back before going to the bathroom and changing in to Pajama shorts and a tank top. I brushed my teeth and put my hair down before going back in my room.

He smiled at me and I instantly blushed and looked down. "Are you comfortable I could ask Justin if you could borrow some clothes" I asked not wanting to be rude.

He shook his head and laughed. I guess he would be fine considering he was just wearing some sweats. He took his hoodie off and revealed a plain t-shirt.

"I could setup some blankets on the floor that way you could sleep on the bed" I said grabbing a blanket. He stopped me quickly, "I'll sleep on the floor"

I grinned childishly at his accent but quickly frowned. "No you're the guest" He laughed and grabbed the blanket out of my hand. I rolled my eyes, "Lets just share the bed"

He shrugged his shoulders before getting on the bed. I cut the light off and climbed in too. I sighed, "Goodnight Jai"

"Goodnight Ariana" He replied grabbing my hand


I woke up replaying all the events from yesterday in my head. I turned over expecting to see Jai but instead all I saw was empty bed sheets. Frowning I quickly hopped up and opened my door making my way down the hall.

Along the way I bumped in to Justin. "Good morning" He said cheerfully

"Good morning Justin, Have you seen Jai?" I asked quickly.

He shrugged his shoulders, "They left early to catch a plane he didn't want to wake you up. But he said goodbye" He replied slightly confused

My shoulders drooped and I was one hundred percent positive my eyes had lost their 'spark'.  "You ok?" He asked now more confused than ever.

"No- I mean yeah. He uh Just left something that's all" Without waiting for his reply I made my way back to my room.

I don't even know why I cared but it kinda broke my heart that I didn't get his number.

Author's Note

Hello there im so so sorry I haven't updated lately I've been working on this chapter for the longest. But anyway tell me what you think in the comment section down below. Should Jai and Ariana go out? You tell me. Stay Bright <3




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