Justin Bieber found me on the side of the road. He saved me. And I'll think about that day. Forever.


20. Sunny Days

The light poked it's way in too my bedroom waking me up completely. I yawned and quickly stretched before getting up. I grabbed a box of apple jacks and some milk and made my way across the hall to Justins room.

I knocked twice waiting patiently for him to answer.

He opened the door, looking as if he only had an once of sleep.

"I brought you breakfast," I smiled widely and Justin had to laugh, "Its kinda impossible to stay mad at you" he admitted.

I stepped in too the hotel room placing the milk and cereal on his table.

"You Look Terrible," Justin ran his hands through my hair and I blushed. I stuck my tounge out at him and quickly pulled my hair in to a bun.

We ate in silence unsure of what to say, "Well I was thinking we could go see a movie around twelve," I admitted. Justin nodded in agreement and I quickly washed out our bowls. I sat on the counter top swinging my feet humming a random tune.

Justin stood in between my legs and I was quick to blush.

"I always wonder what you're thinking," He smiled at me poking the dimples that appeared beside my smile.

My breating hitched as Justin wrapped his arms around my neck. In my mind I was begging myself not to be drawn in. My body had other ideas. He leaned in kissing me roughly and I was quick to kiss back. I was also quick to pull away, "This is all wrong Justin," I stated angrily. I pushed him away harshly, "We're Friends Nothing More,"

He looked down avoiding my gaze. I sighed heavily getting off the counter and I made my way to the door. I paused before opening it, "Twelve O'clock?" I questioned.

His face broke in too a smile, "Twelve O'clock," He stated. I grinned making my way across the hall to my own hotel room.


Hours later I found myself wondering what too say. Considering it was spring I went with something simple.  I slipped on black leggings and a slightly over sized no sleeve black t-shirt. I topped the outfit of with black heels and I quickly curled the ends of my hair. I sprayed on some perfume an quickly asked Anthony if he wanted to tag along.

"You should I wouldn't be bothersome?" He questioned. I shook my head disagreeing and he smiled. I frowned realizing I hadn't really been paying attention to him, "So, What's been going on?"

He raised his eyebrow obviously confused on why I was now paying attention to him.

I sat down beside him, "Don't shut me out now, Anthony,"

"I'm not trust me," He replied looking anywhere but at me. The doorbell rang and Anthony ran to answer it. Justin greeted Anthony with a hug. I laughed and grabbed my purse and soon enough we were at the movies.

"Any idea what were seeing?" Anthony questioned. Justin and I looked at each other and frowned.

Anthony laughed noting that we were useless. He stepped out of the car and Justin and I followed him. Anthony bought tickets for something called the maze runner, and Justin bought the popcorn and drinks.

Somewhere in the middle of the movie my large coke hit my bladder, "I'll be right back." I whispered loudly too Anthony and Justin. I walked down the steps and in too the main lobby. I went to the ladies restroom and quickly did my business before washing my hands and fixing my hair a bit.

I walked out and I jumped bout foot in the air when someone covered my eyes with their hands.

"Guess Who?" I immediately recognized the accent and turned around, "Jai what in the world are you doing here?"

"I missed you." He leaned to kiss me and I blushed, "Well I cant exactly abandoned Justin and Anthony in the middle of a movie."

"Then I'll pick you up at seven for dinner." He replied.


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