Justin Bieber found me on the side of the road. He saved me. And I'll think about that day. Forever.


16. Spring

I laughed splashing Anthony in the pool. I swam to the side ready to get out, only to be pulled by Justin, "Lets Play Chicken"

I rolled my eyes but agreed. He bent down and I got on his back. Anthony got on Jaden's back and we backed up a good distance.

"One Two," Scooter yelled beside the pool, "Three"

We charged at each other and after minutes of playing, Anthony Pushed me and I fell nearly hitting my head on the bottom. Anthony Cheered with Jaden, While Justin Helped me out.

"What's the punishment?" I asked Jaden, Laughing.

Jaden looked at Anthony and he instantly spoke up, "You have too eat anything that we put in a bowl." He suggested.

Justin and I looked at each other and groaned. We got out of the pool and wrapped up in towels. We followed Anthony and Jaden to the kitchen and watched disgusted as they stuffed random foods in two different bowls.

Anthony grabbed the pickle Jar pouring all the Juice in and Two pickles. He put another scoop of ice cream and Grabbed some hot sauce. I covered my mouth in disgust and turned to Jadens bowl.

He poured Mayonnaise over an Avocado and Added Cranberry sauce. He opened a can of root beer and poured some in. I groaned again looking at Justin.

"Is there another option?" I asked unsure.

"If you can get five spoons of this in your mouth without throwing up your safe. If you don't you have to go on the balcony and sing" Jaden said mixing together his ingredients. I groaned again, Justin could sing so this wouldn't be a problem for him. Me on the other hand.

I sighed heading towards Anthony's bowl with a spoon. I eyed the ingredients, Pickles, Pickle Juice, Ice Cream, Hot sauce, and tuna. I sighed turning around, "You can go first" I said looking at Justin.

He chuckled before easily, Eating Five Spoonful's of the mess. I had a nagging in the back of m head that this was set up.

I dipped my spoon in Anthony's bowl inching it toward my mouth. I shoved the spoon in mouth and instantly gagged. I rushed towards the sink spitting it out. I then grabbed a water bottle out of the fridge, drinking it in less than thirty seconds.

I rolled my eyes at everyone who was laughing and headed up to the balcony. I tapped my foot leaning on the railing wondering what to sing.

I finally chose 'Emotions' By Mariah Carey and started singing. I finished the song and my eyes widened once I saw Justin video taping me. I shoved my hand in front of the camera, "What are you doing?!" I yelled. He laughed before running back inside.

"You never told me you could sing, Kid" Scooter Said Complimenting Me. I shrugged my shoulders, "My dad taught me a thing or two"

I frowned remembering how My dad us too take me in too the meadow, singing the whole way there. I sighed, angrily, I wouldn't cry. Not too today.

"What is Justin doing?" I wondered Out loud. They all shrugged their shoulders while I rushed inside. I went downstairs and saw Justin on his laptop. Well that's completely normal. I went up behind him wondering what he was doing.

"Justin, Don't Post that online!" I yelled. The video was already 86% done uploading. I reached for the cancel button but he slapped my hand away.

"Justin, I swear" I stated angrily. I looked back at the computer and mentally slapped my self. 100% done. Crap.

Author's Note

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