Justin Bieber found me on the side of the road. He saved me. And I'll think about that day. Forever.


18. Promises

I stood up pacing wondering where Jai was. I gasped confused, when someone wrapped their arms around my waist.  I turned around and my heart swelled when I saw Jai.

Before I knew what I was doing I kissed him. And let me just tell you. There were definitely some sparks in that kiss. I pulled away, "Sorry I," I blushed trying to find my words. Anthony weaved himself in between us hugging Jai.

"Hey Buddy," Jai greeted him still staring at me. I gave him a look saying, I'll talk about this later.

"Well let's go," Alfredo said coming beside us. The ride home was completely silent. Alfredo helped Jai with his bags and left us alone. I sat on my bed looking at Jai, "Jai I-" He cut me off by leaning in to kiss me. As shocked as I was, I didn't hesitate to kiss back. I pulled away laughing, "So.. How long are you staying?"

"Only two weeks," Jai said beside me pulling me on his lap. I sighed, "Well that's plenty of time,"

I flipped on the t.v and instantly rolled my eyes.

"Justin Bieber arrested for Drag Racing In Miami"

I gasped, "I never thought it would go this far," I admitted. Jai looked at me and turned off the t.v., "He really should get his shi-" I glared at him cutting him off, "Jai I agree with you completely, but he's my best friend, or he use to be, so don't be surprised when I stick up for him"

He mumbled a quick sorry and I logged on to twitter.

@arianagrande: Live chat in 5 with @jaibrooks1

I set up my laptop for a live chat and jai sent out a tweet saying: Ask us questions in 5

Our phones blew up with notifications causing me to laugh. I started the live chat, "Ok so the first question is," I looked at my phone looking for a decent question.

"Are you two dating," I laughed at this question and looked at Jai.

He answered immediately, "Yes we are"

After fifteen minutes of questions one question made us both freeze in our tracks, "Will you marry Jai?"

Jai looked at me and I blushed crimson. I paused for a moment considering this, "Yeah I might marry Jai," I answered truthfully.

Jai closed the live chat and looked at me, "You really mean that?" He questioned.

I nodded pulling my hair over my shoulder. I sighed thinking of how serious we were so quickly, "But Let's Take Some Things Slow, Okay?" He nodded agreeing with me.

I laid my head on his shoulder accepting our moment of peace.

"Ari Justin's On the phone," Anthony came in interrupting my peace. I gave Jai a confused look before grabbing the phone from Anthony, "Um Hello?"

"How Have You Been? I missed You," Justin's words came out slurred and I immediately knew he was drunk. I sighed disappointed. I hated to admit but I wanted to hear Justin's voice and maybe have a long nice conversation with him.

"Justin Your Drunk," The disappointed was clear in my voice.

"Yeah But," There was a loud thud, "I fell," Justin laughed drunkly. And I had to stifle a laugh.

"Where are you?" I questioned.

"I dunno," He replied.

I frowned. What if the paparazzi saw him? He already had a lot on his plate.

"Stay there, I'm calling Scooter," I hung up the phone quickly dialing Scooter, "Justin's Drunk,"

Scooter said heavily, "Thanks Ari. Are you still coming spring break?"

"That's the plan," I sighed. I'd rather spend my time with Jai on spring break than Justin. But hey, A promise is a promise.

Author's Note

Updating Soon. This was just a bit of a filler, but I hope you like it <3


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