Justin Bieber found me on the side of the road. He saved me. And I'll think about that day. Forever.


2. mansion

Hours later we arrived at a mansion. Im talking bout Disney princess castle big. Kenny opened the door and I got out quickly. My mouth opened in amazement. This Justin dude must be all types of famous.

"Close your mouth you might catch flies" Jaden said walking past me. I blushed crimson and glared at him.

"Come on i'll show you to your room" Justin said walking up behind me. I nodded and followed him towards the mansion. Justin opened the door and led me upstairs. We walked down a long hallway which had at LEAST fifty rooms. We stopped at a room at the very end on the left.

Justin opened the door and revealed a room 3 times as big as my old one. "I'll let you get settled Kenny will bring your stuff up" Justin said walking out of the room.

I examined the room in complete amazement. It had double glass doors leading to a balcony a bathroom a walk in closet a queen bed and a  computer desk with an i mac. I was in heaven.

If only i could get out of these wet clothes. I sat on the floor not wanting to mess up the bed. "You know you could take a shower I'll um set clothes out for you" someone said minutes later. I jumped up and saw Justin standing by the door.

I instantly began to feel self conscious. I nodded my head and looked down. After a moment of awkward silence he finally left. I quickly hopped in the shower and washed my hair and body. I got out and wrapped a towel around me.

I stepped out and by the door wear some pajamas. It was only a hoodie but it covered my tiny frame. It went down to the knees so i was ok with that. I walked out  of the room and bumped smack in to somebody.

I stumbled and someone grabbed my arm to keep me from falling. I blushed and looked up to see justin with my bags.

"You should really stop creeping on me" I said laughing. He chuckled and examined me. "You used my shampoo?" he asked raising one eyebrow. I looked down and nodded. "Im sorry my stuff was in my bag so i-"

"It smells nice on you" he said cutting me off. I blushed some more and mumbled "Thanks" Justin set my bags on the bed.

"You know your lucky. Tonight actually happens to be movie night" he said smiling. Before I could reply he grabbed my hand and led me downstairs. We walked down a hallway and he opened doors to reveal a movie theater.

Once again my mouth opened in amazement. Even though it was small i was still in amazement. There was a concession stand and about 7 rows of seats and of course the big ass movie screen.

I turned to see Justin was staring at me. I blushed and looked away. "I'm sorry but you're just really pretty" He said blushing.

Before i could reply Jaden rushed up towards us. He looked down and lingered at our hands for a second. I quickly let go of his hand and put it in my pocket. "What took you guys so long?" Jaden said smiling.

Jaden walked back towards his seat and Justin led me to the concession stand. "Want anything to eat?" He asked politely. Truly and honestly I could've eaten a whole buffet but not wanting to seem greedy I chose a Pepsi some popcorn and those little hard sweet tart ball thingies.

Justin and I made our way to one of the side seats. (The one where only two people can sit). "What movie is it" I whispered. He shrugged his shoulders "It's always a surprise"

We ended up watching the lone survivor aka saddest movie in the world. And I of course cried every time someone died. So by the end of the movie I had gone through 2 buckets of popcorn, my eyes were all red, tears stained by clothes, and my head was buried under Justin's arm.

"Bro is she sleep or something?" Jaden said standing beside me.

"Maybe. She's been like this since the last dude died" Justin said quietly.

Jaden chuckled. I couldn't half blame them for thinking i was sleep. To be honest my tears had truly worn me out. I was in between sleep and sanity.

I couldn't open my eyes or move. "I'll get her" Justin said from beside me. He easily picked me up once again and carried me upstairs. He set me down on my bed and pulled the cover's over me. "Sweet dreams" he kissed me on the cheeck and left.

My whole face burned. Could it be? No. Impossible. I can't have feelings for a guy I just met.  A guy I don't even know. Right?

Author's Note

I would just like to say thanks for the comments likes and favorites!! Stay beautiful <3


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