Justin Bieber found me on the side of the road. He saved me. And I'll think about that day. Forever.


14. #JaivsLukeForAriana

I sighed impatiently waiting for scooter to come back. I had my arm wrapped around Anthony and I couldn't sit still.

"Ariana Everything's Going to work out I promise" Justin said placing a reassuring hand on my knee. I looked at him and smiled, before continuing to twitch around. Which felt like hours later, Scooter came in the door with a bunch of papers in his hand.

I held my breath waiting for him to say something. He closed the door and walked towards us slower than the average turtle.

"Well, What happened?" I shouted out unable to contain my nervousness.

He smiled slightly, "Two kids, before I'm even married" He  teased shaking his head slightly. Anthony and I screamed and jumped off the couch at the exact same time. We both tackled him in a hug, causing him to stumble.

Anthony laughed, and I smiled. We were finally happy. "Scooter you don't even know how much this means to me. I can't even thank you enough" I said trying to fight back tears.

"You're a good kid, You deserve someone in your life" He said chuckling slightly, "But you should be thanking Justin he was the one that got me"

I then turned my attention to Justin who was still sitting on the couch. I ran over to him pulling him off the couch, with all the strength I had. He bumped in to me, and I blushed, uncomfortable with the amount of space. I backed up and hugged him.

"Thank you, Thank you" I repeated over and over, with tears streaming down my face like Niagara falls. He saved me.


"I'm so bored Anthony" I groaned. Anthony moved around on the bed beside me pulling out his phone, "Check your twitter"

I shrugged my shoulders, thinking it wasn't that bad of an idea. I pulled out my phone and instantly logged on to twitter surprised at the amount of notifications I had. I had gained about five hundred followers.

Most of the people commenting on my page were hate, but every now and then I saw that one wonderful comment. I sighed and decided to see what was trending. My eyes widened at the thing I saw.


Author's Note


 Ok so this actually happened in real life. (JaivsLukeforAriana). They first met on twitter but I changed that, obviously, and I really wanted to add that JaivsLukeForAriana actually did trend on twitter. Basically the boys, They Were Twins, tweeted her and stuff saying things like your beautiful blah blah.

Her mom told her to tweet one of them, and she did. She ended up choosing ---------- because she knew the other one wasn't sincere. Please look that up on twitter or google iff you want to know more about it and so that you'll understand. Love you more than you think<3



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