Justin Bieber found me on the side of the road. He saved me. And I'll think about that day. Forever.


10. Inch Deep

I sat on side of the bathroom staring in to space. It was midnight and I could barely shut my eye even though I had worn my self out from sleeping. My heart was basically torn in two from seeing Anthony cry himself to sleep.

I quietly slipped on to the balcony locking the door behind me. I lay on the concrete looking up seeing how many constellations I could find. I imagined my dad sitting next to me pointing them out. "I miss you so much" I whispered towards the night sky. I covered my face with my hands and before I knew it I had too cried myself to sleep.

I woke up shivering. I sat up rubbing my eyes. I looked around to see I was inch deep in snow. I got up and quickly and went inside.  I looked in the mirror and saw that I looked pretty awful. I had a least a thousand bags under my eyes. I was all wet from the snow my hair was ok besides the fact that it was covered with snow. My eyes were red from crying all night.

Before I could point out another flaw someone engulfed me in a hug. I looked up surprised to see scooter.

"I'm sorry kid" Scooter said sympathetically. I didn't answer instead I let a tear slide down my face. "Life sucks" I mumbled. Scooter chuckled before leaving the room. Before I could even turn around I was buried in another hug.

This time it was in fact Justin. "What did you do sleep outside you're practically buried in snow" He asked smiling.

"Actually I did" I answered honestly.

"If you weren't a girl I seriously would slap you for being so foolish." He replied glaring at me. I laughed lightly looking down. 

"Pick your head up princess" He kissed the top of my head before walking away. I blushed before going to take a shower. I changed into :

I walked out thinking of Anthony. I walked to the bed looking confused as it was already made. I went downstairs but he wasn't there Either. I checked back upstairs on the balcony seeing he wasn't there I went outside looking by the pool.

I groaned when I realized he wasn't there. If he wanted me to search every room of this Disney princess castle then I would sure as hel* do it. I ran inside hurrying up the stairs. On my way upstairs I crashed in to Jaden.

We both went Falling on the stairs. He groaned as he back hit the tip of a stair. I blushed and quickly tried to get up. I tried. He held me down by wrapping his arms around my waist. Typical Jaden behavior.

I rolled my eyes, "Jaden im not in the mood" I said coldly.

"Why the hurry this isn't so bad" He said smirking.

I glared at him, "Actually it is" I said venom seething out of every word. I glared at him but my gaze softened once I saw that he was genuinely hurt by what I said. He slid from beneath me and held out a hand for me.

I grabbed it, "Sorry I'm just looking for Anthony have you seen him?'" I asked somewhat politely. He shook his head before continuing downstairs. I frowned upset by the thought I had hurt him. I turned around quickly continuing my way upstairs.

I turned to my right about to ask for Justin's help but then I realized I had no Idea where Justin's room was. I sighed in frustration making my way down the hall to Scooter's office. On the way i bumped into someone. I stumbled but caught myself.

I looked up to see Justin "Have you seen Anthony?" I asked quickly

He nodded slightly confused, "He went to the park. He said you knew"

The park? "Thanks" I said before making my way back downstairs. I could feel Justin staring at me but I ignored it the best I could. I quickly ran out the front door ignoring the harsh wind on my bare skin.

I made it to the park as fast as I could and sure enough Anthony was there sitting on a swing. Only a couple of kids were at the park with there parents. I couldn't understand why though from the looks of it there might be a blizzard.

I ran up to Anthony and sat on a swing beside him. "How long have you been here?" I asked breathless.

"A while" He said motionless. I didn't ask why because I knew the answer. Anthony had a lot of me in him and I knew his reply would be "Too think". I sighed deeply.

I looked around the park to see everyone was leaving. I know noticed that the snow was thick and heavy. I could barely see down the road.

"Anthony we gotta go" I said quickly getting up dragging him along with me. Couldn't the blizzard start when we were safe in a house?

Author's Note

Hi again! It's been a while since my last update. I've been working on this chapter for a while so I hope you liked it!! I'm genuinely sad about publishing this chapter.  :'( In a good way though :P. WE'VE REACHED DOUBLE DIGITS!! Know I know what my mom means when she says "They grow up so fast". Thanks so much for the likes and favorites! As always spread the word updating soon and stay "Fancy" <3

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