Justin Bieber found me on the side of the road. He saved me. And I'll think about that day. Forever.


19. Im Trying

"I know you don't want to be here, but at least try like you want to be,"

That was the first thing Scooter said to me once Anthony and I got in his car. Anthony mumbled a quick ok and I stared out the window watching the airport disappear behind us. I could already tell this week would be terrible.


I placed my bags on the hotel bed. I was kinda grateful that Anthony and I had our own rooms.

"So where's Justin?" I questioned.

Scooter smiled sadly at me, "Hangover"

I rolled my eyes sitting on the couch, "Does he even know i'm here?" Scooter avoided the question and sat beside me.

I looked at him, "What happened to him?"

"No one knows. A few days after we left, he just got... depressed, Then he just didn't care anymore," Scooter explained. "He lost a lot of fans"

"I think im going too go for a walk. Can U stay here with Anthony?" I looked over at Anthony who was on his phone. I had to laugh. Scooter looked at him and quickly agreed.

I walked out of the hotel room and quickly went on the elevator.

"Hey Stranger," Someone said from behind me. I jumped and turned around, "Justin I didn't know you were there" I smiled at him and quickly hugged him. I then frowned he looked.. bad. The bags under his eyes were unbelievable. He looked so tired and sad. Looking at him made me feel depressed.

"Where are you heading?" He questioned.

"Oh.. Just exploring," I blushed.

"I could show you around," He suggested. I smiled, "Sure"

That day I got to hang out with my friend. My best friend. Not Justin Bieber. Just Justin.


We walked in too Justin's hotel room exhausted. I looked around in shock. The place was huge!. But I guess this was the usual, since we were dealing with 'Royalty"

Justin quickly picked out a random movie and put it in the dvd player. I laid down beside him on his bed paying close attention to the movie 'Now you see Me'.

I felt Justin staring at me and I blushed, "Justin pay attention to the movie," I groaned.

He snickered, before stroking my cheeck. I looked down, "What are you doing?"

"I'm sorry, you're just really pretty," He blushed before looking away.

I remembered the first day Justin took me in, and it was 'Movie Night'. Justin said the exact same thing.

"Thanks," I mumbled before wiping away a stray tear.

"What's Wrong," Justin paused the movie and looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders quickly, "I'm sorry, But I really have missed you Justin. Well the old justin. What happened to you?" I turned too look at him.

"Somebody broke my heart," He quickly glared at me before playing the movie. My heart dropped. This was all because of me?

"Justin I-"

"You know how your always talking about repaying me for saving you? Well save me Ariana. Go out with me please"

I looked at Justin in shock. I couldn't. I don't even know if I wanted too.

It was true. I really did need to repay him but, going out with him. He couldn't make me. "Justin I have a boyfriend, I can't break up with him jus because of you"

"Then Get Out," He replied coldly. I grabbed my bags and walked across the hall too my hotel room. I smiled weakly at Anthony who was asleep on the couch.

"Hey Kid, Did you have fun?" Scooter questioned.

I nodded and put on a smile. He obviously knew something was wrong but didn't question me. I walked to my room dropping all of my bags on the floor. I laid on my bed staring at the ceiling. Then  just sorta cried. For who knows how long. Seconds turned to minutes. Minutes turned to hours.

Author's Note

This chapter was kinda all over the place. I'm sorry for that. I'll be updating tomorrow, I promise. Remember to like and comment.

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