Justin Bieber found me on the side of the road. He saved me. And I'll think about that day. Forever.


13. Adopted!?

I sighed Ignoring Justin's Piercing gaze. I got up quickly and put my plate in the sink, cutting the water on. I put soap on my plate, and started it washing it quickly.  I dried it off and put it in the dish rack. I cut the water off and turned around. I was almost instantly tackled in a hug.

Confused, I looked down to see Anthony. My face lit up and I wrapped my arms around him, "Where have you been?"

"I was sick. I had hypothermia and a-"

Justin Cut him off, "Ariana can I talk to you?"

I glared at him before motioning to Anthony I'd be right back. I followed Justin in to the living room. "What is it Justin?" I asked some what aggravated

"Look Ariana Anthony was sick and I- We didn't want him to see you like that. He had hypothermia and-" He stopped and looked at my pained expression before continuing, "A concussion- He had a concussion"

My mouth dropped open in shock, "You didn't want me to see my own brother when he was in a concussion for a whole week"

"It's not like that Ariana," He said sighing.

"Seems like it is. I'd rather see him in pain then him in pain with me not there" I stormed off making my way to the kitchen. I looked up confused to see Anthony wasn't there.  I ran upstairs and quickly made my way to my room.

Sure enough Anthony was there. I sighed in relief.

"What did I miss?" He asked smiling, while sitting on the bed

I bit my lip, "Promise you won't tell" I said holding out my pinkie. His face lit up and he ran towards me, linking his pinkie on to mine, "On my life" He said smiling.

"I think. I think im in love" I said blushing.

His mouth dropped open, Causing me to Giggle, "With who" He yelled jumping up and down.

"I met him a week ago and he has this amazing Australian accent. He's really cute and" My sentence was interrupted by someone knocking on the door.

I rolled my eyes, and Anthony followed my example. I waited for someone to answer the door, at after at least a minute I got aggravated. I stormed downstairs, with Anthony Following me,  and snatched the door open.

"Hello?" I asked confused, to see two men in black suits.

"You two need to come with me" One of them said in a cold voice.

"Excuse me?" Anthony and I questioned.

The man that spoke grabbed my arm roughly pulling me outside in the bitter air. I desperately tried to pry his arm off as he lead, more like dragged, me to his car. Just as he opened his car door I was being yanked the other way.

I turned quickly to see Anthony Followed by Justin Pulling me.

"Who are you. What- Why are you taking me?" I asked confused.

He pulled down his sunglasses, "Social Security, You're Supposed to be at the Adoption Agency Asap."

My mouth dropped open as I realized that we were, indeed, Orphans. I looked back at Anthony to see he had a worried expression.

"Scooter! I'll be right back. don't take her Anywhere" Justin Yelled before running back inside. The man laughed bitterly before trying to pull me again. I leaned my weight on Anthony's side, so he could get a better Advantage.

Suddenly the Man let go causing me to fall on Anthony. I shivered as the snow touched my bare skin. The Man got up and picked me up by my backside with ease. I thrashed my arms and legs but whatever I did Just wasn't enough.

"Please Just Wait" I whispered as tears ran down my face. He stopped, as if he was thinking about it, then continued walking. I gave up and went limp. His 'Partner' opened the door of a black van and I was immediately thrown in.

They Closed the door and I quickly went to open it. I cursed, as I realized it was locked. I watched them goes towards Anthony and my eyes Instantly widened.

I screamed and banged on the window as they picked Anthony up. Then everything happened so fast it was a blur. Someone Opened the opposite car door and pulled me out. They picked me up and someone from a far distance, yelled "I'll adopt them!"

Everyone froze then. I looked up to see Justin holding me, With a big smile on his face. I turned my gaze to Anthony to see he was laying face first in the snow, with a man groaning beside him, using his knees for support. I smiled silently thanking my dad for teaching Anthony self defense .

I looked towards the house to see Scooter was out of breath running towards us.

The other man was looking around jus as confused as, I was.

Justin. still holding me walked towards the 'Action'. Once we got there Justin let go of me, And I instantly ran towards Anthony. I helped him to his feet and wiped the snow of his face.

"I'll adopt them" Scooter Said Once he reached us. Anthony squeezed my had I smiled maybe there was some hope.

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