Justin Bieber found me on the side of the road. He saved me. And I'll think about that day. Forever.


1. let's see

Hmm well let's see. My dad died and my mom blamed it on me. She got drunk and beat me. She told me to leave and I did. Brave decision

After hours of wandering the new York streets and avoiding drunk men I ended up outside of Madison Square Garden unaware that one of the biggest stars to walk the planet was performing there.

Completely unaware of all the signs and screaming fans outside I made my way to the side of the arena. Exhausted I dumped my bags and fell straight down. If I have to add i fell in a puddle which was quiet disgusting. But at the time I could care less. I was cold, starving, and exhausted.

I shivered as snowflakes began to fall rapidly. Normally I'd be cuddled up by the fire on a night like this as my dad fixed hot co-coa in the kitchen. I sighed longing for the marshmallows he would add. I could almost taste them melting on my tounge.

I chocked back a sob. Why did you have to go and die Dad? You promised. Sobbing in the snow in a puddle definitely wasn't on my bucket list. But i did it. And let me tell you. I had me a good cry.

Well let's see. Then i fell asleep. I later woke up to a door opening and slamming directly behind me. My eyes shot straight open but I closed them as soon as I heard voices.

"Probably just a crazed fan let's hurry before she wakes up"

"I don't know. Even I wouldn't be In a puddle while it's snowing just to see you man."

"Check her bag"

I heard someone rumbling through my bag quietly beside me. I resisted the urge to slap the person

"Yo it look like she running away"

"She looks exhausted"

"I wouldn't feel right leaving her"

"I agree. This is New York. No telling how many pedos there are"

"Is she dead" Someone kicked my stomach softly. I was really getting aggravated right about now. Couldn't they just leave or something.

"Bro show some respect you don't hit a girl"

"Ight my bad but we gotta hurry before someone see's us."

"I'll pick her up you get her stuff and call Kenny"

I held my breath as someone picked me up bridal style. I snuggled in to the persons chest trying to warm up.

"Kenny's on his way"

"Tell him to hurry she's practically frozen solid"  At that exact moment I chose to shiver. Someone stroked my cheek.

"It'll be ok" he whispered in my ear.

A couple of minutes later a car revved it's engine.

"Yo JB Jaden we got fans coming get in the car." someone yelled not too far away.

The person boy who was holding me quickly jogged over somewhere. I heard a car door open and the boy slid in the car. Immediately my face flushed from the warmth of the car.

"Get in the back Jaden" the boy said.

I spread my legs and laid my head on the boy's lap and fell in to a deep sleep once again.

Now here i am sleeping on a strangers lap.This time i woke up to someone honking a car horn. My eyes fluttered open slowly.

beep beep

"What's up with the traffic. We got places to be people" the driver "Kenny" said.

"Kenny bro you woke her up" a boy directly above me said

I sat up and scooted away from the boy feeling shy. I leaned on the door and brought my knees to my chest.

"What's a pretty girl like you doing asleep in a alley in a big city like this" the boy beside me said. Someone behind me placed a hand on my shoulder. "Yeah what's your story"

I turned to look behind me to see who was talking. "I don't have a "story" because in case you haven't noticed "stories" have a beginning AND a end" I said angrily. Apparently he thought I was suppose to be one of those chicks that live in alleys making money by selling themselves.

He quickly put up his hands. "Ight my bad didn't mean to offend you"

I took a deep breath and calmed myself "Accepted" i muttered. I turned to the boy beside me. He seemed like someone I could easily talk to.

"I was in the alley because my dad" I hesitated shortly "we received a fax saying my dad died in war today. My mom blamed me for his death. She got drunk beat me and told me to leave. And I left.." I paused biting my lip. I looked down so they couldn't see the tears falling. I took a deep breath before continuing "And here I am"

The car was filled silence. "So you're like homeless?" the boy in the back asked. I had a VERY strong feeling he was the one who kicked me and rummaged through my stuff.

If he said OR did one more thing stupid i swear he'd regret it. "Jaden stop being a jerk" the boy beside me said. He reached over and slapped "Jaden" on the shoulder

"Kenny call scoot see if she can stay at our place for a while" the boy beside me said.

"You don't have to do that" I complained. Kenny completely ignored me and dialed a number in on his phone.

"Do you know who I am?" the boy beside me asked. I looked at him and shook my head blushing. I felt like I should have knew him. He was obviously famous if he played at Madison Square Garden.

"I'm Justin. Justin Bieber" he said extending his hand out

 Author's Note

well hello! hope you enjoyed that! as always like AND favorite. updating soon. have a terrific day (or night)


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