Chasing Diana || A One Direction Fanfiction

Diana Spencer never loved and felt as if no one loved or ever will love her. She grew up having a hard life, with no parents but an abusive sister and boyfriend. Diana could only handle that much pain for so long, until she ran away, but was only to be found by five guys who change her life.

But for good or for worse?

Find out in 'Chasing Diana'.

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3. Chapter Two; Short Filler

Diana Point Of View

"DIANA!" No.

She can't be here. Why is she here? What if Nick is here with her? F*ck I'm so screwed.

I shuffled around my room, finally finding my almost dead phone and throwing my bag over my shoulder, while slipping off my shoes again.

Tiptoeing my way out of my room, into the hall, and down the stairs, almost to the door that led me out to freedom. But-

"Where do you think your going-" her voice strict, "and like that." and in disgust.

My eyes shut tight, along with my mouth, as I swiftly turned around and saw my sister impatiently waiting while Nick smirked. Dick.

"Out." I answered.

"Out?" she tested.

"Yeah, out." I repeated.

She laughed sarcastically, "Okay while your out, stay out. Don't come back, ever." her tone serious.

My mouth agape.

I was already going to leave this house before she kicked me out, but why is she if I didn't do anything.

"Fine, but just to let you know. I was already leaving but your boyfriend got in my way." I spit.

Turning around, ready to leave when she did something worst than her abuse. Her words.

"No one ever really loved you, or will ever love you, you know that? Right."

And I left.


Just a short filler, to see what happens to Diana since I forgot to put it in with 'Chapter One'. And thanks guys for reading.

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