Chasing Diana || A One Direction Fanfiction

Diana Spencer never loved and felt as if no one loved or ever will love her. She grew up having a hard life, with no parents but an abusive sister and boyfriend. Diana could only handle that much pain for so long, until she ran away, but was only to be found by five guys who change her life.

But for good or for worse?

Find out in 'Chasing Diana'.

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5. Chapter Four

Diana's Point Of View

I walked around the room, running my fingers along the walls until I stopped at the only other door in this room. Just standing by it, I could hear and feel the vibration that was caused by what was behind it. I figured it was a club, with Don being the bouncer, but I wasn't sure because I never actually been to one.

'Should I?'

'Maybe not.'

'Why not?'

'I don't know.'

'Stop talking to yourself.'

'I'm not- okay I'll stop'

I shook my head, bringing me back to my sane-self, as I hesitated to open the door that lead to another room. Slowly opening it, the vibration had stopped and the whole thing was dark. I stepped in and-


Everything turned back on, music pounded from the speakers, lights shot from different angles, people were dancing crazy to the music. The only words that came to mind when this happen was, beautiful.


Third Person Point Of View:

Diana walked, admiring the place as people admired and envied her. She was oblivious from all the eyes that watched her, men who gazed and women who glared. She was beautiful, they knew it, the boys knew it, but she didn't.

The boys had caught sight of her in their individual spots; Liam in the back with some buddies of his, Zayn walking out of the bathroom, Harry talking up some brunettes and blondes in a booth, Louis joking around with some new people he had met, and Niall sitting alone at the bar.

Diana still hadn't noticed, even if she had sat by one of them; Niall. His cheeks tinted pink, his blue eyes glowed, his palms were sweaty around his beer, but he wasn't drunk just nervous. He never really was a talker to many girls, and with Diana being a beauty, it didn't make it much easy for him but some reason he built up the courage.

He nervously tapped her, she turned and slowly smiled at him.

"Hi." was all he said.

"Hi." she smiled at his cuteness.

Niall smiled, still nervous but he continued to talk to her since she didn't come off rude like other girls who have.

"I'm Niall." he held out a hand.

Diana looked at it, hesitant but smiled at him since no boy has ever introduced themselves to her like this. She shook his hand, softly.

"I'm Diana."

As the two started talking, the four other boys; Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Harry, could not help but be jealous of their dirty blonde mate who was talking to the brunette beauty. All wanted to interrupt their little chat but who?

Harry was biting his lip in anticipation, Louis was looking from the dance floor to them in anxiety, Liam was clenching and un-clenching his fist in hurry, and Zayn, well Zayn was already making a move over to the bar.

"Hey mate."

Zayn came between two, greeting monotone to Niall but looking over to Diana with a smile. She smiled back but was confused at who he was.

"Who's this beauty?" Zayn winked at her, but questioned Niall who was already aggitated by his 'mate'.

"Zayn," Niall gritted. "this is Diana." he breathed.

Zayn ignored.

"Hello Diana, my name is Zayn. Nice to meet you." he smiled, which she returned but rather a small one.

"Hello." shyly replying.

"So anywa-" Niall started.

"Would you like to dance?" Zayn interrupted Niall, once again but didn't seem to mind.

His gaze was still on Diana who had looked back up to him again, and looked to Niall who had put on a fake grin and thumbs up to his 'mate'. She looked at Zayn one more time and nodded accepting with the same small smile.

The two made their way over to the floor, leaving the glooming blue eyed boy alone with his beer. He looked over at them once more, paid the bartender, and fled the club before he drank to much and regretted something. Louis had noticed, yes he was jealous of Niall but more of Zayn because Zayn knew how to win a girl over more easily so he believed he had no chance. So he had went after his mate, but acting as if he didn't notice what had happen.


Zayn's Point Of View

I got the girl, 'my' girl now and I was gonna let everyone know she was mine especially the guys. Yeah I know I barely know her and all, but she's beautiful out and probably in too, I don't know yet but I will.

The music had changed, 'Sex On The Cieling' by Sevyn Streeter had played and I knew it was the perfect time for me.

I slowly grabbed Diana from both sides of her hips, she hesitated a bit but I calmed her nervous a bit with a smile. She allowed me to come closer, with her back on my front and it already felt amazing. We started moving slowly, I moved her hair to the side, and placed my hand back on her waist but tightened my grip a bit. Slowly I nibbled on her ear causing her to shiver, but I could already feel her weak when I blew slowly on her ear after. I grinned knowing she liked the feeling, though our postition moved and I thought she was leaving me but only turned around. She had wrapped her hands around my neck, bringing me closer, as I smiled and went along with the movement.

She smiled up at me and slowly I felt myself become hypnotized by her brown eyes. So hypnotized that I stopped moving which made her stop too.


"Zayn, are you okay?!"

I shook my head, and said "Yeah."

I smiled at her and walked her out the dance floor, and towards a booth in back where we could be alone just for awhile. She sat before me, as I slid in next, but then two others had slid in unwelcomed; Harry and Liam.

"Oh Zayn, who's this?" Harry smirked, holding out a hand for Diana. Don't touch her. I thought.

Diana smiled and shook Harry's hand but Harry kissed it, making me want to slice his hand and lips off. I looked at Diana who blushed madly, but didn't look in my direction. My head snap back to Harry quickly and with a fake weird smile, that kind of seemed to freak out Liam a bit but I don't care.

"So Diana, what brings you here?" Harry questioned, flirtingly.

I glared at him, but I turned back to Diana when I felt her tense up at the question.

"Just, wanted to party tonight." unsure of her answer.

"Well then why are you with this stick in the mud, come and dance with me." Harry persuade, I glared, she hesitated.

"Um..I don't know?" unsure again.

"Come on, I'm lots of fun." he chuckled.

She looked at me, I smiled at her but glared at Harold when she looked away. Your so getting your curls shaved off.

"Okay." she nodded, shyly.

I slowly and painfully look away from the two, knowing if I see something I don't like, I'll do something that I'll regret- or not.

"So where Lou and Niall?" I asked.

"Huh? Oh they went back to the hotel." Liam said, unshamefully looking at Diana, making clench my fist.

"Oh, how nice." I muttered.

Liam looked at me, gulping before taking one final glance at Diana then back to me.

"Yeah, I think I'm gonna go to." his voice cracking.

"Okay, see you later." I grimaced.

He left and I turned back to Harry's and Diana's spot, but they were already gone.



Diana's Point Of View

"So do I get a dance like Zayn did?" Harry joked, making me blush and shyly shake my head as I chuckled while looking at the floor.

"I'm just kidding. This slow song is perfect right now." he whispered, lifting my head by my chin, so I can look at him in his green eyes. Smooth.

"Yeah." I whispered, biting my lip.


We continued our slow dancing to 'Crawl' by Chris Brown, but through the song Harry seemed deep at thought while studying me.

"What?" I chuckled self-consciously.

"Why are you really here tonight?"


Okay I hoped you like it, sorry I haven't been updating and this is long so I hope it makes up for it.

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