meet terra morgan she has a twin who suddenly vanished 2 years ago. terra has always known that she wasent normal but on her 14th birthday something happens! read to find out what becomes of terra!:)


2. #2 the school

I have been sitting in my room for 3 days my parents wont let me got out of my room and they keep calling me a freak.I was sitting on my bed when my dad came in"pack your stuff and then come down stairs".

So thats just what i did .As i was packing mom came in and she gave me the necklace."Terra you are just like your sister.You are a freak nobody will ever love you."Then she left and went down stairs.What she said only made me cry more.After i finished packing i went down stairs.

There was a man down there with my parents.He had on a black suit white dress shirt and a black tie. He looked mean at first but then I looked at his smile and eyes. So I could tell that he was nice."Hello Terra my name is mr.nickolas but you may call me nick"said the man."Oh please how can you even be nice to a freak of nature like her?"said my father while giving me a discusted look.

"Well James she is your daughter."said the man. "Well terra are ready to go?" he asked."Go were nick?"I asked him."To a special school full of special kids just like you terra."he said."Ok I said lets go."

So here i am at the school.The halls are empty because every one is eating diner and mr nickolas want to introduce me now. So he grabed a megaphone."alright listen up everybody we have a new student here today. Her name is Terra Morgan.i expect you to treat her nicely she has been through quite alot this past week."All of a sudden this girl runs up and hugs me she was my hieght 5"6 and she also had dark brown hair with ice blue eyes just like me then she said"It is good to see you agin sis!"Everybody stared at us like we had just siad were going to jump in a pit of mice.

"Do you two know each other?" asked mr nickolas who is the principle of the school. "Yes this is my twin sister Danielle!" "Ok so how do we tell you two apart?" Asked some guy sitting at a table to the right of us."Simple" said Danielle "Terra has a tattoe on her wrist and i dont!"

"Ok can i know were im supposed to sleep because im really tried and im pretty sure that im seeing things because shit like this just isnt real so were do i sleep?" i asked

"Oh you sleep in the first building room number 18 goodnight Terra!"said the principle.

"Goodnight." i said as i walked away.This just has got to be some horrible nightmare i think as i go to bed.

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