fault in our stars epilogue

Hey guys this is one of the Movellas I have to write for the fault in our stars competition! ENJOY!! PLZ LIKE COMMENT FAV !! And if u like it plz vote for me!!

~ Aeri:)


3. Final chapter

Hazel died 7 months after Gus. She was right.... when she died it waas like a bomg exploded and destroyed everything in its path. Her parents were devastated but they knew she was in pain.No parent should have to put their own chilld in the the dirt, but that's th eharsh reality of life. Life is an ongoing game and sometimes you win... others you lose.You have  no control over it and it sucks but you deal with it. Not because you want to but brcause you have to. She was not loved widely but she was loved deeply and that was ok with her. She didn't care much for being remembered but she was.. she is. She lives within everyon who ever had the pleasure of being within her presence. Now that is extrordinary.








                                             The end






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