I like to think of myself as the ordinary football player who's just trying to get a good education at uni, but that obviously isn't me. The one football match I think we're going to do great at is where my future is completely changed.


1. (Prologue)

This was it. This was totally it! My moment has finally come; I get to show my true talent. People won’t underestimate anymore.  I can finally feel like a somebody. My heart feels right to do this, because I know it is. Sure, I was told otherwise, but screw them. This was my moment, my moment was happening right here in the X Factor. 

Way in the beginning of this show, I didn't see myself as a singer. I was a nobody who only cared about grades, homework, and playing football. In school, I was considered a nerd with very few friends. But right now, I felt like a huge star. 

I shook my hands a little, trying to shake the nervousness off my body, because I was really sweating it. I looked down at what they dressed me in, which was a very, very short and tight, sparkly, black dress. I wore shiny leather boots that stopped at the beginning of my knee, and my hair flew around my neck in luscious, dirty blonde curls. I licked my lips a few times as the announcer called my name next to perform.  

“Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up to one of our finale singers, Lola Mulundi!”The applause grows louder. “Singing ‘Forget Forever’” That really got the crowd going. No, I wasn't nervous, can’t you tell?

When my singing adviser chose this song, I really didn't get it, but I immediately fell in love when I heard Selena Gomez sung it, and I bet I’d stand out a bit if I sang this song. It’s not the most popular song, but it totally fit me.

I stood up straight on the platform, with my head down, as they directed me, until the beginning of the song started and I looked up at the huge crowd and judges in front of me.  I took a big breath as the music started playing in the background and hit my cue right on. 

I told, I told, I told myself again
I'm never running back on what I said
Trying not to roam but you're so...
Far away, so far away

Won't listen to the conscience in my head
I'm conscious but I'm lonely, halfway dead
Tired of the things you never...
You never said, you never said

Our love was made to rule the world
You came and broke the perfect girl
Our love was made to rule the world

Our love was made to rule the world
You left me wanting what we were
Our love was made to rule the world

Forget forever
Forget forever
Forget you ever
Knew my name, my name, my name, my name

It all went perfectly, I hit ever note, every beat, and once I was finished the crowd's cheers erupted through the stadium. I smiled and just spoke into my mic, “thank you, thank you so much,” Tears were running down my face, just with being so happy with what I did. My breathing sped up a bit then slowed down once this ticking noise was in my ear.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

The entire stadium was now in complete silence.  There was the loud sound of a clock's hands ticking and tocking pounding through my head. I held my ears, trying to get the sound out of my head. The judges were saying something but I couldn't hear them, it was like nobody else could hear it. I quit my focus on the show or anyone by closing my eyes tightly, and suddenly the stage dispersed. No more crowds, no more judges, it was like the whole room vanished except for me. I opened my eyes to look down to notice my clothing started to change into, what it looks like, what I would wear to school. My hand reached up to my hair, and soon the curls started straightening themselves back into my naturally straight hair. 

When I looked up again, the room was a classroom, just an empty classroom, with desks and posters and a chalkboard. Then someone started calling my name. “Lola, come on,” the voice said. I turned in circles to see if anyone was with me. “Lola...” the voice called. 'Lola!"

I opened my eyes and saw Chloe looking at me from the side. I was back in uni, in English class lying my head down on my English notes.

It never happened.   My moment never happened.  I never had the super short dress on or curly hair or sang a Selena Gomez song.  I guess it’s not like I expected it to.  It was just a dream anyways. I sat up a bit and stretched my arms out. 

“Were you dreaming that same old dream again?” she asks with a smile, already knowing the answer. I nod.

“Maybe someday you’ll be there Lola, dreams do come true,” I rolled my eyes at her.

“Chloe, I don’t even sing. I have these bizarre dreams about me being on that show, it’s not going to happen,”

“But you sang that cup song didn't you?” she points out. I shake my head.

“That doesn't count,” I mutter. She frowns and looks back at her own English notes, then continues to copy down what our teacher was saying.   Good thing he didn't even notice me in my sleeping state.  I sat up straight and crossed my arms, leaning back in the seat and trying to understand what the teacher was actually saying.  I felt so out of focus today, so there's no point in understanding something that I'm not going to understand ever. Did I say that right? Oh well, I guess I can explain some things to you then.  Let's start with Chloe. 

Chloe was one of the nicest girls I've known since primary school.  She was just so pretty and nice to everyone, but something changed about her. Apparently some rumors spread around about her that weren't so nice and she turned against everyone  except the teachers. Little miss sunshine became little miss downfall, but I still love her. Ever since then we became the nerds, since we were nothing anymore.

Everything about Chloe was wonderful, pretty, and lovely. Her hair was a rich, dark red with glitter in it.  She always said she wanted to stand out of the crowd, so she decided to dye it.  Usually it doesn't compliment people, but the red hair actually looked good on her. Her freckles shined out through her face in little stars, and her green eyes popped.  It was almost like she could control your mind with them. Chloe did try to do that when we were little.  Even her accent was just music to your ears.  I didn't get why people still didn't like her.  I guess it doesn't matter since it is our last year at uni.  We were both 19, almost 20.  

I didn't consider myself one of those “lovely British girls” like Chloe. I saw me as one of those people who just loved to put on sweatpants and learn more and more.  They wear prep skirts, I wear boot cut jeans. They go cheer-leading, I’ll go on a run. It sucks being compared to them. I never did anything special with my hair like they did.  My dirty blonde hair would usually be in a ponytail or just left down. I wore logo shirts with capris and converse, and that’s my everyday outfit right there.  Nothing extraordinary. I’d kill to be extraordinary.

But that would never happen.  

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