Mr Tomlinson Stole My Heart


1. The Past

I looked down at my long white dress and whispered to myself "This all started with a little crush...." Well I should go back to the start, it all started in my second year of high school and we had all just gotten to know each other. I walked into history my first class I was dreading it history was one of my worst subjects so as I walked into class I avoided eye contact with everyone even my best friend Laura who I had known since we were babies, as I walked up to my seat I noticed that someone was in there already as I looked up I noticed his deep blue eyes and my heart skipped a few beats, his eyes were such a deep blue they were almost black. I about to cough slightly to let him know to move but before I had the chance the most popular guy in school and my enemy Harry Styles pushed past me and knocked my books on the ground as I bent down to pick up my stuff I heard someone stand up and then I heard someone else groan in pain as I looked up I saw the new guy punch Harry in his jaw I suddenly stood up and moved in between Harry and the new guy and pushed the new guy back and started to speak to him "Why were you doing that, why were you punching Harry in the face." "Because he can't go around just knocking beautiful girls stuff on the ground." I started to blush as he finished his sentence,"I still don't know your name." He said "Jessica , what's yours?" "Tomlinson Louis Tomlinson." "Nice to know your second name and since you put it out there I'm gonna call you Tommo." "Mhhh Tommo it has a nice ring to it especially when you say it." "Miss Lawson if you would please sit down and Mr Tomlinson if you could come to the top of the class and introduce your self."

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