Mr Tomlinson Stole My Heart


2. Single like a pringle

As Louis walked up to the top of the class I saw my other enemy Eleanor Calder stare at him and at that moment I never wanted to read someone's thought as much as I want to read hers. When he finally reached the top of the class he tired around and looked at me and a small smirk appeared on his face as he spoke "Hi everyone, my name is Louis Tomlinson and I'm from Doncaster, South Yorkshire in England. I am 18 years old [A:N I'm making him 18 so that he could be in school] and I have 5 younger sisters and a younger brother I live with my mum and her husband and I am single like a pringle." At that moment the class erupted with laughter but I stayed staring at him the whole time and during that time are eyes met for what felt like forever.


A:N this chapter was just so he could introduce himself and so I could introduce Eleanor but no hate cause I ship elounor ❤️❤️

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