My Dream Ending For TFIOS

If you've ever read 'The Fault In Our Stars' you obviously weren't very happy with the ending...I mean you were but you weren't. When you first started reading you expected a certain type of ending but nope all you got was (Spoiler) I do, Augustus. I do.
I know I wanted something different. So here's my dream ending...

You shall not judge okay? Mkay.


1. My Dream ending for TFIOS

     I looked at my photos on my phone starting from the last picture I took of Augustus where he's with Isaac and the car behind them is dripping with egg yolk. Gus is holding the nearly empty pink carton. 

       Tears fell freely as I reached my last photo. The one of Gus by 'Funky Bones'. 

"Okay?" I whispered looking at the photo. I imagined him here with me and saying 'Okay' back. 

     I put my phone down and settled myself in my bed (after doing my BiPAP) I closed my eyes letting myself fall into my dream world where Augustus was still alive. My brain let me dream of when we went and saw Peter Van Houten. 

      I screamed, waking my parents. Mom ran in the room with dad close behind her. I screamed again as my vision faded. Only blackness filling my sight. 

     Dad carried me out to the car I assume and put my in the seat. I heard him talking to the doctors. I kept preparing myself to finally bite it. And I was okay with that but at the same time not. For the past few weeks I've been in a lot of pain and if dying means getting rid of it then I'm ready. I know my parents love me and they know I them.  

"Everything's going to be okay sweetie. You are going to be okay" Mom told me. Okay. I told Augustus that but he still died. 

    I let out a sob that was pretty loud and animally as I felt myself being lifted once again. 

This is it...I'm gonna die. I thought as the pain increased. 

               I must have fell unconscious from the pain and when I woke up  there were beeping sounds. I opened my eyes. I had my vision back at least. I looked around. I was alone meaning I was in the ICU. There was no longer any pain. I looked down and saw I wasn't hooked up to anything. No IVs nothing. 

    I stood up and left the room. I was NOT in a hospital. 

"Hazel Grace" the all to familiar voice said grabbing my attention. I turned around and there he was. Augustus. 

"Augustus" I said walking over to him. "Where are we?" 

"Something with a capital S" He replied. I looked at him, serious. 

"Am I dreaming" I asked all though I knew the answer. I had bit it. The pain was over. 

"I'm Sorry Hazel Grace" he said and just having someone say it made my cry and I NEVER cry remember. 

"It's over? I'm Cancer free" I asked crying. 

"It's over Hazel Grace. And yes you're cancer free which is a good thing but you're kind of dead which is a bad thing" He joked sending me one of his crooked smiles. I wrapped him in a hug which felt very Augustusian. It's over. No more cancer. No More pain. I'm with the one I love. My parents know I love them and I know they love me. 

"okay?" Augustus said. 

"Okay." I said back. 








A/N: Yeah she dies! Okay so I know I'm like the only one that wanted her to die to be with him so y'all are gonna hate me but thats alright. I made my dream ending...and I know it's not great because I am NO John Green but it's the best I can do. But hey Augustus and Hazel are once again One<3<3 

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