Bruce's Princess

Poison Ace Joker returns in another installment if the Joker's Daughter Series!!! That's right, I said SERIES!!

What happened to Daddy and Batsy?!

To the Quinn Freak?!

Read to FIND OUT!!

**Disclaimer: The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


8. The Snap

I was surrounded by danger. I could feel it. Then, I saw him.


He smiled at me and attacked, coming in for the kill. His yellow tinged teeth chattering with his maniacal laughter. "Honey!! I'm HOME!!" he announced with a ferile smile.

There was no way in crap I was about to let this man, this tormentor take everything and everyone I love away from me just because he's psychotic! "Daddy! Get OUT of here! You shouldn't even KNOW about this!!" I screeched.

I recieved strange looks, people staring at me with confusion and then murmering.


"Love, your father isn't here." Batsy drawled, trying to come up to me slowly.

I shook my head, I could see him! He was right there! "He's right there! How can you NOT see him?!"

"No, he's really not, Mom." Dick said, trying to calm me down too.

"Then why can I see him?!"

Relax, calm your emotions. Someone had invaded my brain. This was not okay.

GET. THE. H-LL. OUT!!!!! I screamed in fear and then the floor was coming up to my face and my head was swimming with pain and confusion. I fell.


"What's going to happen to her, J'onn?" I asked worriedly as I watched my fiance on the hospital bed in Gotham Regional.

"She's had a mental breakdown, Bruce. I'm not sure what's going to happen to her. I'm not even sure why this happened in the first place." J'onn answered, shaking his head in sympathy.

"What could've brought this? She told me it only happened once! What's going on?" I muttered to myself.

"Ollie, we need to tell him." I heard Barry whisper.

"It's not something that is ours to tell, Barry. If anyone should tell Bruce, it should be Alfred." Oliver said with a grimace to Barry.

"What should be said to me?" I growled, stalking up to them.

Barry looked like he was about to zip away. "Don't think about it, Allen, or I'll have you strung from your toes in the Bat Cave."

He stopped and looked down guiltly.

"Look, Bruce, Pois asked us...really, she threatened us with death if we said anything to you about it. So, please, don't make us say anything. Alfred knows more about it than us." Barry said.

"That is not acceptable. I need to know and I need to know now!' I growled, holding the two of them against the wall behind them, infuriated. 

"Look, Bruce, its...its pretty bad... Like, she..she's been working hard to hide it. I'm not even sure how she DID hide it from you. But, she's been having episodes..." Barry said as he finally cracked. 

"What do you mean by episodes?!" I demanded. 

"Well....uhhhh...Ollie! Your turn!" Barry said. 

Oliver sighed and looked at me, "She's been havein psychological episodes about the...abuse and torture she went through being Joker's daughter."


"Alfread knew. We only found out a few hours ago when we went to get her." Oliver said. 

I was angry. How could she have hid this from me? Why would she hide this kind of thing from me? Theres no way that she could think that would be a good idea! 

"Why?" I whispered, backing away from them, trying to absorb this information. 

"She didn't want you to worry over her any more than you already do, Master Bruce." I heard Alfred say regretfully behind me. 

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME, AL?!" I was angry. 

"She made me promise. But, I told her today if she didn't tell you, I would as soon as you got home." 

I relaxed a little, at least he had been planning on saying something. But, Poison was in for it as soon as she woke up.

I plopped myself in a chair next to her bed, arms crossed and glaring at the heart monitor, and I slowly fell asleep. 




"I found you, you little freak!" a cheery, familiar voice cackled. 

I was terrified. I knew that voice, the person who owned it was supposed to be dead. I had killed her. Terror was racing through my system and I had no clue why. She'd never scared me before. Why now?

She came out of the dark, and waved her gun around. "Miss me, sweetie?" she growled. 

I glared at her. What was going on? My body is quivering in fear! Where's Bruce? Did! She couldn't have!

"Now, now, stop fidgeting! Mistah J tied you up specially! Now, its time to get down to business!" Harley smirked at me as she pulled out a knife and started to slice into me.

And I actually felt the pain! How was that POSSIBLE?!

I scream, bolting up right, sweat covering my body. I swear I could still feel the pain and the blood seeping out of my body. I was crying, I could feel the salty, warm tears coarsing down my face. I sobbed, trying to control my breathing. 

"Bruce!" I scream when I can only see Daddy and Harley in front of me, my breath coming in short spurts. The room I was in was convulsing and closing in on me. I couldn't breath. I started to choke. 

Someone was screaming my name, hitting me on the back and I could barely feel or hear or see anything. Tears were streaming down my face as I watched Harley come closer to me, Daddy's knives flying through her fingers. 

Finally, I could see someone in front of me, holding my face, kissing my forehead. I tried to focus on them. And I couldn't. 

Daddy was coming closer, just behind Harley now. I screamed, they were really here, trying to kill me! I could see them! 

"Daddy! Please, don't hurt me! I'm sorry! I love you! Don't kill me!" I sobbed, trying to preserve my untimely and inevitable death from happening. 

"You're no daughter of mine. Weak. Worthless. Dead to me. Goodbye, traitor!" Daddy cackled, pulling out a gun and pointing it in my face. 

"POISON!" someone screamed, breaking through the reverie of death and destruction of myself I was being forced to watch. 

I focused on the voice. Bruce. My love. My fiance. My boyfriend. My protector. My Batman. He was here. I could smell him. 

"Bruce..." I said, clapsing into someone's strong arms.

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