Bruce's Princess

Poison Ace Joker returns in another installment if the Joker's Daughter Series!!! That's right, I said SERIES!!

What happened to Daddy and Batsy?!

To the Quinn Freak?!

Read to FIND OUT!!

**Disclaimer: The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


1. That Ugly Name

"MOM!!!" Richard screamed as I walked into the house after a large battle between Grundy and Bane. 

I cringed. he shouldn't call me that. I was barely three years older than him. 

"Richard..." I groaned in annoyance. 

Thorn, Pixie, and Angel all just smirked behind me. And Becca out right laughed. 

Yeah, Bruce and I were finally engaged and Richard had taken to calling me by that ridiculous name. 

You see, although I was not living with my lovely bride groom--hey, I may be a Joker but I've got restrictions!

But here's what happened with that duel with Daddy...




What a dilemma. 

I lunged at Daddy, whipping my legs around myself and then I round-housed his face. I knocked a few teeth out and growled menacingly at him. 

"Poison? What are you doing?!" He hissed at me, being serious. 

I glowered at him and carelessly threw my switch blades open and at him. I was banged up, bruised, and cut. But they were all healing and my strength and stamina with them. Then I whirled around and yanked four bat-a-rangs from Batsy's utility belt and threw those at him in succession to my two switch blades. 

I pierced his skin each time, digging my weapons deeply into his body with every toss. 

"POISON!!" He roared at me in anger. 

I finally spoke as I walked slowly, purposefully up to him. I transformed myself into my mother. He winced. I smirked and flipped my hair as I walked around him like a cat stalking it's prey. 

"What do you think? Am I the spitting image of my mother, Daddy?" I cackled angrily. 

He gulped as he saw that look in my eyes when I changed back into my form. That sinister look that promised death and pain. 

" P...p..oison.. D..don't look at like that!" He stammered. 

I grinned like the Cheshire Cat and leaned down to him, gently resting my nails on his arms and digging into him, releasing my toxin into his system. 

"Years of torture. Years of abuse. Years of negligence. Years of the Quinns! Of those stupid little brats you called daughters! That slut of a wife you have! YEARS OF BEING HID IN METROPOLIS! 

"And yet... Yet... I love you. I forgive you. You're my daddy. And you will always be. I just... I just think I've found love. Someone to love me and take care of me. Someone who I can give my life for that's not you. And he's been under my nose the whole time..."

He shrank back as I leaned in to yell at him again and then moved quickly away from him. Bruce was fuming behind me. I took my leave of my father. I had said what I needed to. 

It was my family's turn. 

Family. Huh, someone other than my sisters... What a strange thought. 

Batsy slipped something in my hand as I walked past him with my head held high as I silently cried. I made it all the way to Harley's limp body and I stood over her. 

Should I kill her?

Let her live?

Or should I dump her to the police?

What would Batsy do in my position?

He'd let her live...

Do I want her to live?


So, I killed her. I slit her throat with a sharp rock laying around by her head. 

The last sound she ever made was a screen. She didn't make another sound after that...EVER. 

I looked down into my left hand to see what Bruce could have possibly slipped into my hand. It was small and cool like metal. 

It was the most beautiful ring is ever seen. Green diamond, blue diamonds surrounded it and there was a note skillfully wrapped around it. I unraveled it and read, "Poison, will you marry me?" 

I smiled and slipped it onto my finger, accepting him and it. And our(?) son. 

Turning away from all of that mess, I disappeared to find my sisters. They had been disposed of at the Fun House.

I shuddered and smiled at the memory and hugged myself. 

"Mooooommmmm!!!" Richard whined again. 

"DICK!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs and chased him to beat him up just a little bit. 

I need to speak with him about that. With my fist, knives, and feet. And possibly Bruce's extensive weapons collection. 

My four sisters laughed at our interactions and then they ran from my glare. 

This was going to be one interesting month before my wedding...

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