It all began at a concert

What happens when Kate goes to a one direction concert and niall spots her is it love at first sight? Read to find out����✌️
This is my first fanfic hope u like it


5. 1D concert

After a 10 Min drive we got there it was massive we got some things and went to go join our friends that have been camping out So they were first in the Que. After having to push past everyone we finally found them and waited for the gates to open and the let us through we got out yellow zone standing wrist bands and we got right at the front. It's now 7 pm and 5 SOS came on we all went crazy they sung she looks so perfect,good girls are bad girls and don't stop. Ok so 5 SOS just came off and now we are waiting for 1D. It's now 7:45 pm and jade screams in my ear"OMG THE VIDEO HAS JUST CAME ON" we all went crazy and the seated people started doing the Mexican wave it's so funny the video finishes and they come on to the stage we scream at the top of our lungs "WE LOVE YOU HARRY AND NIALL" then start to sing midnight memorise and we started crying.

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