It all began at a concert

What happens when Kate goes to a one direction concert and niall spots her is it love at first sight? Read to find out����✌️
This is my first fanfic hope u like it


2. 1

Kates pov:


"Kate hunny time for school" my mum yells from down in the kitchen "ugggh 5 more mins please mum"I say "you don't want those one direction tickets to be sold do you" mum says as I leap out of bed "alright I'm up" I say I go to my shower and do my daily routine. As I get out if the sower I go get into some girly boxers and a bra I put my iPhone on the speaker doc and play midnight memories as I walk over to my closet and pick out what to wear to school. I wear a nice floral summer dress as it's nice and Warm out I put some foundation on and some mascara I grab my phone a jumper and my school bag. I walk down the stairs to see my brother tucking into some pancakes I grab an Apple and say good bye to my mum I put on my converses and as I walk out of my house. My best friend jade pulls up in her Porsche convertible i get in and say "hey ready for another dreadful day at school"as she starts to drive of she says "yup" popping the "p".

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