how to survive life: the tips and tricks

this is an advice book that helps you get through life it gives you tips on how to get through things.


4. Relationships From An LGBT Point of View

Kacey here. 

Tiggy and I are both straight, so we've written the articles in here from our straight points of view. We had a suggestion from the awesome @shaving monkeys sparrow about branching out in our writing into the LGBT community. 

If you know me well enough, you'll know I'm very supportive of the LGBT community and their rights. They're no different from the rest of us; they just love the same gender, both genders or feel like they want to be the opposite gender. Gay marriage was legalised in the country where Tiggy and I live (the UK) a few months ago and I'm really happy this has happened, because civil partnership and marriage are NOT the same thing. 

In some countries, they execute LGBT people. Let's pause for a  moment. Do you agree with me when I say this is despicable, unfair and homophobic? It used to be like that in Britain. Famous scientist Alan Turing had to hide his sexuality from the world, or die because of it. 

Things shouldn't be that way. 

"That's gay."

"Do you see that guy over there wearing that designer label? He's like, sooooo gay."

Rubbish. As a proud LGBT activist, I never use the word 'gay' in a derogatory way. 'Gay' is not a derogatory word people! While I'm on this, 'camp' and 'gay' are not the same word. While people assume a lot of camp people are gay, not a lot are. I've met a couple of pretty camp people before and both of them were straight. 

Think about it. Don't be a homophobe. Wave your rainbow flag in the air with pride and support for the LGBT community. 


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