love is a mystery

the story is about a girl named Sarah who love dancing she always want to be the best dancer and she is at least she is the best in Las vegas. she just finished high school she hate 1D but what happens when she moving to Hollywood and is getting a job as their choreographer?

find out in 'Love is a mystery'


25. You make me the best version of myself

Sarah's P.O.V


Music blasting through the speakers; as I holds my focus on my body the mirrors on every wall around me. I catch every movement my body makes. I just finished a choreography I was hired to make for Justin Bieber. His manager had called me earlier this month, and said that they needed a choreography, that Justin and his back-up dancers should do at every intro of each of his shows. 

I (as helpful and nice as I am) told them, that I would be happy to do it; through I only had 3 weeks to come up with a rutine,make it perfect, rehears it and then teach it to the dancers, who hopes to get a spot on his tour.

I have already come up with a choreography. It has a perfect balance, so it allows Justin to dance while singing without having to reach for his breath. I purposely made the back-up dancers dance a bit wilder and faster in the parts where Justin is not dancing too much. So far I like it, but that can fast change as I show the choreography to Justin and his team. 

Right now I am just dancing, because I want to. As I start to wrap up the random hip hop rutine, with some last dance moves, I feel eyes staring at me, and I take a fast glance from my own reflektion, to the one I feel staring behind me. It's Justin Bieber. 

I wrap it up, and turns off the music with the remote I always hold in my hand in case I mess up a rutine and needs to rewind a piece of a song. 

"Well, isn't it Justin Bieber?" I ask playfully. We both snigger by my weird greeting.  

"That was a pretty great rutine, you just did. But I bet, I can do it better." He says playfully back. I turn on the music and rewinds the song. I look at him, while turning down the volume a bit. "Prove it." I say. 

He takes off his hoodie, leaving him in a dark blue t-shirt and some trendy, light blue jeans. He gives me a look, telling me to bring it on.  

After we have danced a little over an hour, we have to recognise that none of us are better than the other. He high fives me and I turn of the music. I put the remote onto the little table where I have placed a computer with some speakers, and I grab my water bottle in my purse, witch I'd place next to the table. 

"Can I get a ship from your water-bottle?" Justin asks. I take a sip myself before handing it to him. He takes a big sip and hands me, my now half empty water bottle. I giggle. 

"Hey! That was a big sip!" I say pretending to be annoyed. I hit his arm playfully and bursts out in laughter when his only reaction is; that he looks down at his left arm at the spot I hit him. All of a sudden I feel myself being liftet up with arms around my stomach from behind, and swung around. It results Justin to lose his footing, witch causes him to fall flat onto the floor on his bag and me landing next to him. We both sit up, and bursts out in laughter just by glancing at each other.  

Justin and I have only have only known each other for six or five weeks, but we just become friendly instantly.  

A false cough interrupts our fit of laughter, and both mine and Justins heads turns to face the door. I get up placing a smile on my face.

"Hey handsome." I say as I place my lips onto Harrys. 

He smiles at me, "I thought, that we could go out for dinner?" He asks. I nod, and walks past the room to get my purse. I turn around walking backwards, and gives Harry a sign to wait, as I go to the changing room to shower. I lock the door, takes of my sweat smelling dance clothes and as I have gotten my shampoo and body-wash from my purse, I get into the shower. 



Harry's P.O.V

Sarah walks into the changing room to shower, and I am still standing at the door opening. 

"Well, I have to get going. Bye" Justin says as he walks towards me. When he is about to walk past me, I stop him by stepping in front of him. He gives me a confused look, "What the fuck dude?" he asks, clearly irritated.

"Stay away from Sarah." I say in a harsh tone. I don't know why I'm saying that. My brain just stopped working for a moment.

 Okay I what it looked like when I came in, but  I am not jealous and I completely trusts Sarah, she would never do anything past the friend zone with Justin. 

"You know as well as I that I have hired her as my choreographer, and I don't go after my staff." He answers and walks past me. 

I look up as I hear some heels walking against the floor. Sarah comes towards me in some black jeans and a grey crop top. I reach out for her purse as I give her, her leather jacket. She puts it on, and I give back her purse. I had asked my security team to wait for us by the car.

The security team opens the door for us and we walk out, and some fans immediately spots us. I try to be nice to them, but it's hard when I get pushed around by the security team, don't get me wrong; I know they have to push sometimes, because their job is to keep me, Sarah and the fans save and it can be a little stressful. So, I get it.


I am going to be on the Fallon Show tonight, and I have manage to get Sarah to come with me. I told her how much it would mean to me if she would be there, at my first interview as a soloartist. She told me, that she wouldn't miss it for the world. Yet, I am here in backstage, and she is still not here. I wonder what is keeping her for so long? I don't get to think, that thought through, when I Jimmy presenting my name and fans screaming afterwards. I put on a smile, and walks out onto the stage setup. 

I'm having a great time, being on the show. Jimmy is hilarious and just an really cool guy. Here comes the question, that I knew would pop up at some point. 

"So, Harry. The rumours says that you have got a girlfriend... Please tell us about her?" Jimmy says forming as a question at the end. I smile as I feel the warmth run to my cheeks. 

"Well Jimmy, the rumours are true. She is beautiful, genuine and..." I stop in the middle of my sentence, as I see Sarah on a screen, witch shows the backstage area. "... And she is backstage." I say not doing a thing to hold in my smile. 

"Oh, Do think she would be interested to come out here?" Jimmy asks. I can hear, by the way his voice sounds, that he is holding something back. Then I look at the fans, who have started 'wooing' and I look behind me, as I see Sarah coming towards us with that beautiful smile of hers. 

Jimmy and I both get up as Sarah has reached up the couch I have been sitting on. I hug her and kisses her cheek. She smiles at me, and steps forward to give Jimmy a hug. 

We sit back down, and I can see that Sarah is nervous, so I put my hand in hers behind us. She immediately starts to seem more relaxed, and Jimmy also did all he could to make her feel comfortable. 

"Okay, you are Sarah? Please say that's your name or I will be too embarrassed." He says and the audience giggles. Sarah smiles, "You've got it right, Jimmy." she says as she giggles along with the audience and Jimmy. Along the whole interview Sarah gets more and more comfortable, and answers Jimmys questions perfectly.

"Sarah, you are living every thirteen year old fangirls dream. What is it like in reality to be Harry Styles Girlfriend?" Jimmy asks. The girls in the crowed 'woo's and some screams. Sarah looks at me and chuckles, "To be honest; I don't really think of him as the celebrity Harry Styles. That said; I do get reminded of it all the time, when we are out and about. I don't think I will ever get comfortable having people following us taking pictures, and having to secretly do normal relationshipy things; like holding hands." She says. I look down. I have always felt bad about making her have to do all that, and sometimes I worry that she will break up with me because of it. 

"I completely understand! When you are in a relationship, you want everyone to know that you love this person. " Jimmy agrees. "What is that like for you?" He asks and looks at me. I clear my throat, "You know? I'm kind of use to the fact that I have to be sneaky when I go out with a girl, in order to keep it private. I'm so thankful that I have found someone who understands that, being in a relationship with me, there will be times; where they find themselves on the cover of a magazine, they will have to deal with rumours and hate comments. Even through, I know that it is hard for her; she handles it." I answer.

The audience applause and cheers standing up. As the cheering quiets down; Jimmy starts to wrap up the show.

"It has been such a great time having you back on the show, Harry! And it has been a pleasure to meet you, Sarah." Jimmy says as we get up and he hugs both of us. "Give it up for Harry Styles! Go check him out in his upcoming movie releasing this year, march 23rd!" Jimmy shouts. While Sarah and I walks backstage again as we wave to the audience. 

When get backstage I grab Sarahs hands, "You make me the best version of myself." I tell her, and our lips meets in a kiss. 


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