love is a mystery

the story is about a girl named Sarah who love dancing she always want to be the best dancer and she is at least she is the best in Las vegas. she just finished high school she hate 1D but what happens when she moving to Hollywood and is getting a job as their choreographer?

find out in 'Love is a mystery'


21. Tomlinson or Styles?

Sarah's P.O.V

Louis and I are having our *just relax and be together* day today, witch means that we will not do anything else than just being us. I love being with Louis on days like this cause none of us are busy or stressed out about anything, we're just having a nice and quiet day. 

"What are you thinking about?" Louis asks with a soft voice. I kiss his cheek and smiles at him, "I just love having these days with you being here all day" I say. 

Of coures it can happen that Louis gets called to the studio, but thats why we just gotta enjoy the time today. I sit down next to Louis in our cough. I'd just put a movie on that I chose cause Louis didn't care what we'd watch. "Thats the.1D movie?" Louis says as the intro of This is us starts. I nod and cuddles myself onto Louis chest with his arm around me.  

"HEY LOUIS!" I very interrupting voice yells. I look back a see Harry walking across the room, so I get up as Louis seems to be wanting to say hi. 

I don't have anything against Harry, but I just hoped to have Louis to myself today. 

"Hey Hazza" Louis says and hugs Harry. 

I fakes a smile so they won't notice how annoyed I am by this.. I mean Harry coming here when he knows that this is the only day where Louis and I has the whole day together, what is even up with that?

"Oh? Sarah, is that your fake smile? Is something 'wroong'?" Harry asks in that way so it is obvious that he knows that I do not want him here right now. 

I just hold my mouth shut or I will say something I'll regret. "What's wrong Sarah? Are you trying something new about being quiet? Cause I remember last year; you'd always have something to say" Harry says. 

Gosh! He is so freaking annoying! 

"You just can't help it, can you Harry?" I ask making it clear to him that he has gone too far. 

Harry walks closer to me, "what?" He asks laughing. "Harry I think you should go.." Louis says trying to calm me down. 

"Lou? I'll be right back.." I say. 

I wanted to kiss Harry? I mean he stood so close to me and I probably would've if I hadn't walked out of there. 

"I'm sorry Sarah." Harry's voice sounds behind me. I really believes that he means it. 

I smile at him, "thanks Harry..." I say as I sit down on the staircase with Harry. "I just don't get what that was all about?" I say. 

"I think the truth is... Well, I'm not over you and I know that I screwed up. Sarah? I love you." Harry says and we kiss. 

Wait!? We kiss??

"WHAT THE HELL?!?" Louis' voice sounds. I look in the direction his voice comes from, and follows as Louis walks away with angry steps. "Lou? Please? It wasn't supposed to happened,"I say. Louis turns around. 

"THEN WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING? HUH?!" He yells. I try to grab his hand, but he slaps it away, right away. 

"Come on, bud? Let her talk." Harry says. 

Louis walks straight over to him. He clench his fist and hit Harry right in the face! No, no, no. This is bad. "Louis! Please don't?" I say as I step in front of him, with Harry behind me. Louis pull me closer and kisses me? I thought he was mad at me?

"That was a goodbye kiss... Please leave." Louis says managing to talk in a normal tone. 

I look at him, "I'm sorry... I love you so much Lou." I say as I walk down the 'hall' thing, and inside our bedroom to pack a bag with the thing I absolutely need. While I'm packing, I can hear Harry talking to Louis. He says it was all him, but honestly? I kind of wanted to kiss him, but then; I love Louis. 

I put my phone charger into my bag, as the last thing before I close it and swing onto my shoulder. I walk out and as I walk out Louis pops up in front of me. "Look, Harry explained that he kissed you without warning, and that you pulled away in the same second that your lips touched. I'm sorry I didn't let you explain, forgive me?" he asks. Uh, I should be asking him. 

"Lou? I am the one who is sorry. It shouldn't have happened! I would never ever want to hurt you." I say. Louis puts his hands around my head, and we lock lips in a kiss. "I love you Sarah..." he says.

We walk down the hall, and when we reach the entree Harry is gone? Instead there is a note laying on the table. It has my name on it.

I let go of Louis' hand and walk over to read it.


I think a part of me wished that the past two years never happened. Cause if they hadn't, you'd still be with me. But you with one of my best friends instead.

I've been meaning to ask you; if I hadn't screwed up that time, do you think we'd still be together?

Sarah, I swear that I love you! Just look me in the eyes and tell me you have absolutely NO more feelings for me, then I'll stop trying to get you back. And I'm sorry for just kissing you like that! It wasn't what I wanted at all... It was just as we stood so close to each other, I got caught in the moment.


 "What is it?" Louis asks. I fold the note as I turn around. "It's from Harry. He's sorry for just kissing like that." I say. It is surprisingly easy to lie to him like this, but I still wouldn't initiate doing it.

I love Louis! I really do. Harry is just full of confusion. From the way that he talks to the way that he accidentally touch my hand when sit next to each other. I mean, Harry is sweet! I know that, he just tend to say and do the wrong things. Louis always says the right thing. At least to me.

Louis looks at me with suspicion and he walks over to me and slips the note right out of my hand. "Lou, give me that!" I say. I reach for it, but he leans to the opposite side of where I'm standing.

As Louis reads the note is facial expression changes to an annoyed one. "Why wouldn't you tell me everything he wrote?!" I asks in a serious tone. "I don't know, I didn't wanted to worry you!" I say in a quite loud voice. Louis kicks the door in frustration. "You didn't wanted to worry me?! And it has nothing to do with that the kiss today had woken some old feelings?!" Louis yells at me.

Wow. This is the first time he has yelled at me. "Louis, I LOVE you! YES! I have an history with Harry, but that's what it is; an history!" I yell back in frustration.

"I need air..." Louis says quietly.

He walk out the door and gets into his car and he is out of sight. I pick up my phone from the living room and calls Louis' number. Guess what? In goes straight to voicemail.

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