love is a mystery

the story is about a girl named Sarah who love dancing she always want to be the best dancer and she is at least she is the best in Las vegas. she just finished high school she hate 1D but what happens when she moving to Hollywood and is getting a job as their choreographer?

find out in 'Love is a mystery'


9. the engagement

Sarah's P.O.V

Harry seems annoyed when Liam is calling me the 'hottest girl friend ever' I'm fast looking at Liam again and blushing.

"Liam you turn to ask" I'm saying.

"K, uh Zayn truth or dare" Liam is asking.

"Uh Truth" Zayn is saying.

Its so boring when they are only saying truth.

"Good uh Zayn is it true you and Perri is engaged?" Liam is asking.

I begin to smile afterwards he ask and so do Zayn.

"Uh, yes" Zayn is saying looking shyly down.

"Great bud!" Liam is saying.

"Congrats bro" Harry is saying.

"Yeah bro" Niall and Louis is saying.

"Wow congrats Zayn" I'm saying hugging him.

"Zerri" I'm whispering into his ear he's just laughing at me.

"yeah" Zayn is saying and I can fell him smile I'm getting out of the hug.

"Zayn can we talk" Harry is asking.

Harry's P.O.V

Zayn is getting engaged to Perrie.

I don't think it's a good idea cause then he don't have time for the band. Me and Zayn is going into the kitchen and closing the door.

" Zayn listen Perrie is great but I don't want the band to spilt up then the band name is only 'One' cause everyone else is moving onto the wrong direction" I'm telling him.

"Harry I know you didn't like Perrie from the start and you don't get to tear us apart AGAIN" Zayn is saying mad and leaving my house and driving away.


Sarah's P.O.V

Zayn is ceasing out of the kitchen.

"Zayin are you OK?" I'm asking.

"LEAVE ME ALONE, I'M QUOTING THE BAND thank Harry!" Zayn is shouting mad and getting out of Harry's house.

We are all going fast into the kitchen where Harry is standing he looks at us with a sorry look.

"Harry do know what you've done!" Louis is shouting.

"I swear it wasn't what I thought would happened" Harry is saying apologizing.

"No of course you never does!" Niall is saying.

"Guys I'm sorry I just don't want our band to split up" Harry is apologizing.

"No course not and see what happened I really think you should stay out of Zayn's decisions!" Liam is saying.

I'm nodding as agreement.

"I'm sorry" Harry is saying we're just shaking our heads.

"Come on boys we should let Harry think" I'm saying.

The boys and I are moving over to the front door when Harry is grabbing my arm I'm looking at him.

"Can you please stay?" Harry is saying.

I'm looking at the others and Niall is nodding.

Harry's P.O.V

I'm grabbing Sarah's arm before she reach to go out of the door.

I don't understand why I'm doing it.. I just don't want to loose her..

"Can you please stay" I'm asking she is looking at the others and Niall is nodding to her and smirking? Weird, she is looking back at me again.

"Ok" she is saying as she wry a smile.

The boys left and we're in my bedroom talking about what happened with Zayn.

"I kinda told him that he couldn't marry Perri?" I'm saying and Sarah looks confused at me.

"Why?!" Sarah is asking.

"I was scared that if he got married the band would split up" I'm saying looking down.

It's weird to talk with without ending up fighting. Weird in a good way.

Sarah is looking at me in a really cute way.

"Aww that's cute but I don't think you guys will ever split up you're friends and real friends is staying behind each other's bag and that's what you gotta do to get Zayn back to the band" Sarah is explaining.

"Thanks Sarah I'll do that" I'm saying hugging her but then she's looking me into my eyes and kissing me.

I'm looking confused at her.

"I think I got some fellings for you, I'm sorry I understand if you want me to go home" Sarah is saying opening the door to my bedroom.

K first of all why would I want her to go home and second of all every guy wants to be kissed by a beautiful girl like her.

"Hey don't go" I'm saying smirking.

"Are you sure?" She is asking,I'm nodding.

"Yes love, you can kiss me anytime" I'm saying with a smirk and she is smiling at me.

"Ok, I'll stay" Sarah is saying.

Sarah's P.O.V

K so just for you to be sure I only kissed him cause I wanted to know if my plan is working and I can tell you I'm going to the next level of revenge.

I just have to be careful so he won't finding out what my plan is. So that it's me that is breaking his heart and not him breaking mine.

We're watching a movie laying in his bed when my phone rings 'Nialler's is calling'

"Uh do you mind" I'm asking looking at Harry.

"No course not love" Harry is saying.

Eew the way he says 'love' makes me sick, I'm answering and going out of Harry's bedroom.

(Phone convo)

Me*hi Niall*

Niall*hi how is it going?*

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