love is a mystery

the story is about a girl named Sarah who love dancing she always want to be the best dancer and she is at least she is the best in Las vegas. she just finished high school she hate 1D but what happens when she moving to Hollywood and is getting a job as their choreographer?

find out in 'Love is a mystery'


18. Sarah's memory about Harry is gone....

Liam's P.O.V


"Of course, Sarah" Harry says before I even get to open mouth.

"Ok fine I'll stay.." Sarah says and walks in the direction of the bathroom. I walk in front Harry, "Harry we can't just drive her home! if you haven't noticed we are on a world tour!" I say. Harry just walks away from me, "but Liam, if it was Sophia wouldn't you do anything to make her happy? and don't say no cause I know you would." He says.

Ok he is right, and I see his point but.. Argh I admit it I have nothing, cause of course I would do the exact same thing if it was my girlfriend who didn't remember me.

"Ok but its not for sure we can, but we can try to ask Greg," I say. Greg is our driver and he is actually pretty cool.

Harry nods understanding.

"No it's ok thanks Liam" he says and then walks into the beds.


I think I'm supposed to tell Simon this, I mean he'll probably get mad, cause he used so much time making this whole tour possible and now we're kind of ruining all of his hard work. But I'll just wait to tell him till we're coming back from the hospital with Sarah. I just hope she'll get good news.

Most for her and her health, but also for the tour to continue as planned.


Sarah's P.O.V

I wake up by a guitar playing so I guess it means someone is playing it, 5 minutes after people begin to sing so I get up, when I figure that I won't be falling back to sleep with them singing.

I look down at myself, wow I didn't put on my night clothe last night doesn't seem like me. Well I get up and walk into the front room in the bus.

There they are.. The famous 1D guys, singing their hearts out and I must admit they are good.

 I out on the bathroom to get a shower, I find my towel and some new clothe in my Louis Vuitton bag.


I walk out of the bathroom, clean. 

"Hey Sarah!" Niall says jumping over to me on some of those jumping shoes you can get.

"Hi Niall uh what are you doing?" I say raising my eyebrows and starts laughing at him. Seriously he looks so funny.

Harry walks to me and puts his arm around my waist, "Hey baby" he says.

Ok what is he doing? I'm NOT his 'baby'! and he has really been acting the weirdest since I, as they say; fell and hit my head.

I move away Harrys arm from my waist, and steps away from him.

"Uh sorry, Sarah. I forgot uh... Nothing just, nothing." Harry says and walks out in the kitchen.

I look at Louis who have been looking at me since I walked in. Why is he looking at me all the time? I shake it off, and out of my head. I looks forward and walks into the kitchen but I stop as I hear Liam say my name, I put my head onto the *wall* and listen to what they say, I have a feeling I have done something like this before but I don't know where that feeling come of.

Liam "... She is getting better, ok? And her memory is getting better as well so she can get the memory about us and you back anytime."

Harry "Liam don't be so sure... What if she never remembers me and how we used to be together all the time? I really don't know what to be without her with me" 

I kind of feel bad for Harry now, but there actually is something coming to my mind when Harry mentions "Him and me" and "being together" Maybe he is speaking the truth? Or maybe he is just physically sick in his head.

I step into the kitchen and looks at them, just looks at them.

"how long have you been standing there?" Harry asks with a worried expression in his face.

"No, I should be asking you! Why does you talk like we are a couple and you talk to me like we are and... Its just really confusing you know!" I just walk away after saying that.

I'm about to walk outside but then  I remember that I am on a bus. So it would be a really bad idea to go outside and fall then you die.

Somebody grabs my wrist and turns me around, Harry. 

"Listen you say you don't know me?" He says, I nod.

"Well then how can I know everything about you? That would be weird if you haven't told me everything." he says, "yeah you are creepy! If you know everything about me, and I don't even believe that!" I say Harry really is creepy, and eww! Seriously. 

"If you know everything then what does I think of my dads work, and what is he working with?" I ask giving him a annoyed look. 

"You dad is a director, and you hate it because he always puts the work first and you told me he has been working on your every birthday since you were 9 years old." it surprises me that he could just say that without thinking at all, its also a bit weird and mysterious. I mean I don't remember anything about this guy, and he suddenly just knows all that about my dad and my relationship to him? Thats weird.

"H-how could you know t-that?" I stutter, "I told you... I've listen to everything you've ever told me" Harry says and kisses my forehead.

I really don't know what to think about Harry now? I mean it seems like he is speaking the truth, maybe I should just trust him and see how that goes.. 

Maybe I actually have lost my memory about him? And if I have, then I can only get it back by spending time with him.

"Okay, Harry I believe you and I have made the decision to trust you" I say trying to sound the most confident as I can. I sit down next to Harry and take his hand and it surprisingly feels similar like I've held it before? Maybe I have, I don't know but I know that I remember Harry and its not a good way.

"Ok you two, we have been driving the whole night and we are now in England" Liam says, "YEESS!!" Niall yells and jumps into Liam.. Witch ends up in; them sitting on the floor = looking ridiculous, haha. Niall gets up by Harrys help, "Liam soorry I just got a bit too exited" Niall apologizes.

"Its ok Nialler:-) You family comes to the show of coures you are exited" Liam says smiling. I start to think that nothing can make him mad, and if then they'll have to do something really bad.


Zayn opens the door into the bus, and its a man with grey/black/white hair? He look similar but I can't put my finger on who he is.

"Unkel Si, what a surprise to see you in our tour bus" Louis says making an australians accent and I must say you can almost not hear his own british accent well done Louis, well done. 

I walk up to the guy, "Hi I'm Sarah" I say nicely.

Liam fast steps forward and takes the guy into the kitchen. I just gives Harry a confused look "Harry whats going on??" I ask, he puts his arms around me. "Look, the guy right there he is our mentor and you've met him a thoundsan times.." Harry explains.

"No I haven't!?" I point out. Why does he say I have meet that guy before when I obviously haven't? I think Harry hit his head NOT me.

"Believe it or not Harry's right" Liam says, "Ok let's say you're both right... Then who is he?" I ask curious. Liam then tells me he is SIMON COWELL!! Yes that Simon Cowell from x-factor! How sick is that? That HE is their mentor? I'm just asking.

Ok, Sarah Calm down! Be cool.

I walk into the middle of the bus/ the living room? Well at least where we were before.

"So now that you all are here" Simon starts off, " I actually just came cause Liam said he wanted to talk to me when we were in England" Simon finish, and we all look back at Liam. "Oh yeah... Uh I forgot" Liam starts off,  "Liam?" Harry says giving him some kinda signal? I don't know. 

"Simon can I talk to you just a minute?" Harry then says. Simon nods, and they walk into another room.

When they come out they both look derectly at me, and I know that they talked about me... about my meroryloss. "Don't even look at me like that! I have no fucking clue of what any of you mean in my life, so just stop it please!!" I yell. I just couldn't keep in what I've been thinking in hours now, sorry Harry. 



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