love is a mystery

the story is about a girl named Sarah who love dancing she always want to be the best dancer and she is at least she is the best in Las vegas. she just finished high school she hate 1D but what happens when she moving to Hollywood and is getting a job as their choreographer?

find out in 'Love is a mystery'


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Sara's P.O.V

I sit between Harry and Niall in the car. I smile at Harry.

"how was the tour?" I ask.

Niall just shrugs his shoulders.

"Cool I guess.." he says as he looks out the window.

"It was great the fans was just so amazing and loud" Harry tells.

I hugs him and kisses his cheek.

"But you know the best part was to come home to you after a year without you" He adds.

Aww he is just so sweet, even that I don't believe that, that was the best part but it was sweet anyway.


We parks outside Niall's house and he gets out.

"See ya Nialler" Harry says.

"See ya Haz" Niall says.

I look at Harry, who is looking out the window I lay my head on Harry's shoulder. He turns his head to me and smiles.

"I love you.." Harry says as he kisses my hair.

When I feel a blitz on us.

"Aww you two are so cute" Anne says as she shows us a picture she just took.

"Mom please delete it?" Harry says.

"Ok I will honey, we're here" Anne says.

We gets out of the car and meets a crowed of paparazzi's.

"are you Harry's girlfriend?" A man asks me.

I'm about to say 'yes' when Harry answers instead.

"No..." he says as he continues to cover my face with his hands.

I look at him but he does not notice.

We finally gets inside, and I walks with angry steps into the living room.

I walk over to the window.

"Are you ok?" Harry asks as he places his head on my shoulder.

"Yeah its not that you basically don't want to be seen with me!" I say as I turn around on my heels and run into the bathroom and locks the door.

"Come on Sarah open the door" Harry's voice sounds on the other side of the door.

"Harry you know I have a heart, I'm not just something you can play around with IM A PERSON if you didn't know!" I shout crying.

I know he loves me it just doesn't feel like that. I'm in love with him but I honestly don't know if he just says he loves me, without it has any meaning for him. Maybe Taylor's right, maybe Harry just feels bad for me.

"Listen I don't know why I didn't just said the truth about us, I just know that I fell in love with a girl who only moved here to be our choreographer and now I can't stand to see her sad.. And especially not when its because of myself" Harry's voice sounds again.

I looks at my reflection in the mirror, what does Harry sees in that? What does anyone sees in that.

I'm just a ugly non-famous annoying idiotic person. Why would anyone ever be with me or get sad when I'm sad? I'm not like Harry. He's going to interviews, on tours and every time he goes on the street he gets followed by paps and fans. And comparing to that my life is just as boring as myself.

The door opens and Harry walks in.

"I'm sorry.." he says I look back at myself in the mirror.

"I know this beautiful girl the most beautiful I've ever seen" Harry speaks.

I look at him wondering who he talks about.

"Who?.." I asks.

Harry walks to me and makes me look back at myself in the mirror.

"You looking at her right now" he says and walks out.

Am I really as beautiful as he says? Maybe I am to him but I don't think I am.

I walks to Harry and kisses him. His mom, Anne, comes in.

"Are you ok Sarah?" she asks as she hugs me.

"Yeah now I am" I say and we all walk out in the kitchen.

Anne starts to make dinner.

"You know you will always be family Sarah" Anne says and gives me a motherly hug.

"Yes thank you Anne" I say and helps her making dinner.

When Harry's phone rings and he walks out of the room. 

Anne and I are talking about you know everything, about Harry, one direction and even her earlier life with Harry and how crazy he was and is.

Harry walks into the kitchen with though steps, I walk over to him and hugs him, he hugs me back and kisses my forehead.

"Whats wrong dear" Anne asks putting her hand on Harrys forehead. Ok why does mothers do that every time their kids are sad I mean its not like its a dangerous deceive or something like that.

"Nothing I just wanna have a nice dinner and a lovely afternoon with my two fave people in the world" Harry say and hug us both. 

(Dinner time)

I places the last pot on the table Anne and I did make Harrys fave food, Sweetcorn and some potatoes to it. 

We sit down. Harry and me and Anne in front of us.

"I gotta tell you something.. After dinner" Harry says with a sad voice.

I wonder what it can be and why he is sad? Well I guess I'll have to wait to know it.

(After dinner)

Anne and I'd clean up after dinner because Harry did had to talk with the boys. 

"What do you think Harry wants to talk about?" I ask putting the last plate into the washer.

"I don't know.." Anne says shrugging her shoulders.

I don't think its truly true. Cause she know Harry better than anyone and he wouldn't not tell her if he is sad. wouldn't he? No that would be weird he loves his mom and he would never keep a secret for her.

"Hey Baby" Harry says as I feel his hands around my waist.

I turn around facing him and kisses him.

"What would you tell us?" I ask looking curious at him.

He rups his neck "Uh we are going on a tour next year.. But we are first going last in February" He says.

I walk away from him says goodbye to Anne and then walks out in the entrée. When Harry grabs my wrist.

He said he would be home at least 2 years before going on tour again, but I should've never had fallen for that. I knew he couldn't keep it.

"Sarah I know I said there would go at least 2 years before we were going again but" he says rupping his neck.

"No Harry it was a mistake to even believe that! I'm sorry I can't do this.. it just to hard always being alone without you" I say.

I kisses his cheek and leaves. I love him but it just felt like I wasn't even with him. Cause he is always in the studio or he were doing an interview or on TOUR! It just got to hard to handle I would prefer being alone than in a relationship but the guy is never there.

I sit in my car ready to drive. When my door get opened and Harrys face shows up.

"Will you come with me? on tour?" He speaks.

I look at him shocked and he takes my hand as I get out and hugs him. I don't know what to say. 

If I say 'yes' I get to be with him everyday and if I say 'no'... I know we'll break up. I know what we have is worth to try getting back on track.

"Yes I would like that.." I say smiling. Harry smiles back at me and we kiss. In a long time.

We walks inside into the living room and Harry turns on the T.V there is *CelebNews* I get a bit scared when I see a pic of me and Harry just a awhile ago on breaking news.

"Harry Styles and this mysterious girl kissing? When he asks he to go on tour with him and the boys? Hmm what is going on Hazza?" The host says as there comes more pics up with us from along time ago.

Harry and I looks at each other I give Harry a *Its ok* look but for him I know its not. Harry is the kinda person who likes keeping his private life you know Private. I understand him, and he says he does it to protect the ones he loves? But I don't truly believes thats the reason.

"Harry sweetheart I don't think you can keep you guys a secret anymore" Anne says standing behind us.

I hugs him but he just move me away and gets up. I follow him with my eyes as he walks up the stairs and then I follow him myself.

I see him sitting on our bed but he hasn't seen me before I sit down next to him and hugs him.

"Why are you mad?" I ask.

"I'm not mad!.. its just why can't they leave me alone?" He says. "You know I love you, right?" He adds.

I nod and hugs him again.

"Yes and I love you... It doesn't matter if we are a secret or not it our love that matters Ok?" I say and kisses his cheek then I walk down the stairs again.

Harry walks fast in front of my and over to the door. He opens it and walks out waiting, and like 5 minutes there comes a group of paparazzi's. Harry walks up to me and takes my hand and he walks me down to them, What is happening!?

"OK I have never met a girl who makes me feel like she does and I love her very much.. And yes she is my girlfriend" Harry says and kisses me, I kisses back.

There we are kissing, with the white blitzes on us.





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