love is a mystery

the story is about a girl named Sarah who love dancing she always want to be the best dancer and she is at least she is the best in Las vegas. she just finished high school she hate 1D but what happens when she moving to Hollywood and is getting a job as their choreographer?

find out in 'Love is a mystery'


11. New

Sarah's P.O.V

I'm talking to Niall on the phone outside Harry's bedroom.

Niall*hi how is it going?*

Me*it going right after the plan and. I just kissed him and told him I got some feelings for him OMG!*

Niall*haha sweet! Does he believe it?*

Me*Niall I am a good actor so of course he believe it*

Niall*are you sure you want to do this, I'm actually getting a bit guilty?*

Me*yes I'm gonna do it, come on it will be fun*



Niall* fine but if he finds out don't say I'm helping you?*

Me*of course not I'm not like that you know*

Niall*I know

I'm hanging up and smiling. Niall is always Easy to getting help from.

I'm going into Harry's bedroom again.

"Who was that?" Harry is asking.

"Uh it was.. K I'm not going lie it was Niall" I'm saying.

yeah maybe I told him but I didn't told him what we'd talk about.

"What did he wanted" Harry is asking

"You know, Niall he thought I didn't had his number" I'm saying hoping he know what I mean.

"Oh cool" Harry is saying annoyed why he is annoyed is a mystery.

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